He didn't do anything wrong they just pulled it. I've had stuff pulled for me on big shows and stuff like that. You can get frustrated all you want but the show must go on and there are reasons for it. I wasn't there so I don't know what the reasons were exactly.

WrestlingINC: Yeah. It seemed like they cut a bunch of stuff. It seemed like the show was very over-booked. It's definitely unfortunate for all of those involved.

Runnels: Yeah. I enjoyed 'Mania. I thought WrestleMania 28 was more entertaining for me as a fan but it was good. But, it was a good, well-rounded show. It did a lot of business, a lot of money and that's what it's about.

WrestlingINC: You mentioned that not many veterans are around anymore. Back in the '70s and 80s, guys would stick around for a long time. Now, it seems like guys are voluntarily leaving WWE even when they've still got a lot of mileage left in their tank. Guys like Rob Van Dam, Batista, Jeff Hardy -- all these guys that definitely could have lasted several more years that leave. Why do you think that is nowadays?

Runnels: That's a good question, man. I cannot answer that, I just know that Vince might be on a youth movement. He wants to change the color, change the faces. That happens and it happens in cycles like that. I mean, the business will get to where it is and then it starts growing again.

I think Hunter and Vince, they're on the same page. But Hunter, he likes the old school stuff and brings in some of the guys and things like that. But, I can see it's starting to get a little better instead of everybody is green on the card. It's starting because the guys are learning and that's important. And they're doing a great job.

I mean, you learn what you can at NXT or you're at Rikishi's school -- which I think are the two greatest schools in America: Knox Pro and NXT. With those schools right there, you learn your trade and you come up when you get that call. You might be sitting at NXT for six years. But, if you're sitting there at NXT for six years and they haven't called you to the main roster, then you're not doing something right. That's just my opinion.

Now, you can be impatient after a couple of years or whatever and that's fine. But, you've got to be not doing something right if you're down there for six years. Then you get up there and you're working your ass off -- and they're all working their butts off. They really are. They're doing a great job carrying this company.

WrestlingINC: In your time, you've seen some ridiculous highs and some crazy lows in the business. What are your thoughts on it today?

Runnels: Well, I love the wrestling business, the wrestling business will never die. It will be around forever.

My thoughts on it today? It's changed so much, it is completely different than the Attitude Era, completely different than the time before that. Completely different than the Ruthless Aggression Era. I've think it's gone to another era after that and it's kind of getting back to a little bit of the Ruthless Aggression.

They're getting a little more edgy with stuff and I think that's important. But, there's still a lot of children out there that and it's so much bigger than the fans wanting blood and guts and Attitude stuff. A lot of people don't understand that.

The business is huge and you've got to grow with it. You've got to go the direction it's going. And it's changed dramatically, it's completely different than it used to be. But, a guy like me can just step right in and do it. I can do old school and new school. A lot of guys can't.

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