For some reason, I have no idea why. Not knowing what kind of crowd reaction I was going to get. Or finally getting to do something with Cody, a little one-on-one time here with Cody in the Rumble. Man, I was breathing hard. Then, the music hit and the crowd popped and it was unbelievable. It was the loudest crowd pop I've ever received.

s--t, I just went, 'Holy hell,' and I walked through and I made sure to tell the camera guys that we gotta get these facial shots with Cody and myself. They did and we went at it and it was an awesome, awesome night. It was so cool. I just thought from that that can't deny the pop. I know everybody heard it. So, it's like, OK, this is cool. It's a big plus and a feather in my cap -- and Cody's. Hey, maybe Vince giving us a little time, maybe Vince will see that and say, 'Hey, let's book this.'

Maybe he's not ready yet, I don't know. That's where the patience game comes in, man. You've got to find the right situation and the right time and present stuff.

WrestlingINC: Did you hear anything after the Rumble?

Runnels: No, just 'awesome job,' stuff like that. You know what I'm saying? Just the typical good job.

WrestlingINC: What do you think would be the ideal situation for a match with you and Cody?

Runnels: Right now, I've always wanted to do WrestleMania, but I'm considering SummerSlam. Since, SummerSlam is in L.A. every year just about. I came up with the idea and actually presented it to Cody about the Backlot Brawl II. I haven't really pushed it as much, I just mentioned one little thing on Twitter. I'm fixing to bring that to the table and see if Vince would be interested in accepting Backlot Brawl.

We've only done the one and that would be a good sign-off moment if Vince would accept it. It would be awesome. But, if not, it's only WrestleMania that I'd want to face my brother. I don't want to do it anywhere else, I don't need to do it anywhere else.

And I hear all this stuff about young talent getting mad because veterans are coming in and stuff like that. Whatever, man. Get over yourself. Push yourself to the limits and you'll be John Cena, you'll be C.M. Punk. Instead of complaining about other people that have done so, so much in the business.

Whatever's going to draw money, Vince is going to put in there. He's a genius, he knows what he's doing. He's kept this business -- look at it now. It's a global, huge, gigantic multi-billion dollar company that has been made, kept strong and is only growing.

WrestlingINC: What were your thoughts on this year's WrestleMania and Cody's match getting scrapped at the last minute?

Runnels: Well, stuff happens. I know a lot of people were probably upset because they weren't on 'Mania. I know Cody was upset and he has every right to be upset. But, for me, being in the business and looking at it and understanding stuff happens.

It was an entertainment segment and it's good spot to be in on the card, to be on WrestleMania is awesome. Cody has been doing so well with the last few WrestleManias and he wanted to keep this momentum going. Cody now wants to be world champion. Not every young athlete that gets into the business wants to be world champion but it's in his blood. Sometimes, that might work against him because he wants it so much. But, he loves and cares about the business. Sometimes, that gets over-looked and he gets a little impatient.

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