Thanks to reader Braiden Mescall for sending in these results from last night's WWE RAW live event in Dublin, Ireland:

* R-Truth defeated Heath Slater in the opener. Truth came out to the biggest pop on the night and got the crowd really fired up. Heath Slater came out to a lot of head. Both superstars went back and forward in this match with R-Truth eventually winning with this finisher.

* Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder was next. About 3 people cheered for Cesaro (including myself), but Cesaro didnt seem to care. Ryder came out to a huge pop and looked ready to go. This was BY FAR the best match of the night with Cesaro winning with The Neutralizer after Ryder went flying into the ringpost.

* WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn vs. Tamina. Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced the competitors to a series of boos. All in all, an OK match with Kaitlyn winning with a spear.

* WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No defeated Big E and Dolph Ziggler. This was a poor match with way too much comedy. Team Hell No retained after a chokeslam-headbutt combination.

* Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyls defeated Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins.

* William Regal defeated Michael Mcgillicutty. Very poor match with mostly just irish whips until Regal hit a running knee out of nowhere. That gave Regal the victory, and Mcgillicutty was helped to the back by officials.

* John Cena Vs. Ryback in a Tables Match for the WWE Championship was the main event. Both men came out to good pops and a few boos, but the crowd seemed very excited for this match. Ryback kept knocking Cena around the ring until Cena threw Ryback into the steel steps. Ryback tried to Shellshock Cena through a table, but Cena countered with an AA through the table for the win.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Biggest Pops
1. R-Truth
2. Kane
3. AJ Lee(surpise)/Kaitlyn

Most Heat
1. Antonio Cesaro
2. Tamina
3. Dolph Ziggler

Overall this was a good live event and I would go again.

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