Brodus Clay Talks Evolution Of His Character, Being Upset About Losing NXT, Teaming With Tensai

People of all ages dancing for Brodus: "I think it's a testimony to how bad of a dancer I really am. The thing about it (the teen wolf dance) is anybody can do it, so when they see me dancing, 'well I can do that.' I think if I was like Fred Astaire out there or like break dance fighting and doing crazy splits and stuff like that I think people would be like, 'ehhhh, I'm just going to watch him,' but the fact that they're like, 'I can do that,' it's fun and I think they lose themselves. Matter of fact, at WM last year when I came out with Mama Clay and the Bridge Club I was like 'everybody call your mama,' there was a guy who was watching and was defiant, I was keeping him from his tough stuff, and when I was like "everybody grab your phone" he without even realizing just pulled his phone out and it wasn't until it was up that he was like, 'what?! No.' Then he put his phone back down and if you watch it you can see me looking at him going like, 'you dig? I got you.' You can say what you want to say but you just lifted your phone up when I told you to. It can be euphoric and for tough guys it's alright to lay back a little bit and have fun and when the bell rings still be about business but enjoy it, have fun, people are excited to see you."

The Funkadactyles and the Bellas in the ring: "Well they're both former Divas champions and I would argue that Naomi is the best pure athlete in the women's division, period. Some of the stuff that she does, it just blows your mind. She's just chomping at the bit and the more she gets out there the more things she does and Cameron makes up for her inexperience with she's ferocious. She's throwing blows out there and the Bellas, they're wily veterans out there, but that's what me and Sweet T are there for. We're always coaching them on the sidelines. If you've seen me during the match, they got pom poms for me so I get up there and cheer for them as best I can but at the same time giving instructions and stuff. Experience wise you've got to give it to the Bella Twins but in terms of just overall effort, athleticism, and just work ethic, the Funkadactyles are there with them."

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