Bobby Lashley Talks 'Battle Of The Billionaires' Match At 'Mania, His TNA Stint, Signing With WWE

His short time with TNA: "I think what went right was just seeing a different side of wrestling. Like I said, I came from just WWE and then, going there, it was just a different side of it, a different show. I think it was really cool to just see something different and how they were putting it together and how they were trying to get it to the point of where WWE was. So, I mean, as far as what went bad, it was I was at an indecisive point in my career where I had just started fighting and there was a big contract coming my way and I had to make a decision as to what was more important to my career at this time. Now, wrestling has always been the number one thing in my life, but at that point it was like feeding my family and taking care of everything and I had been offered a really big contract by Strikeforce, so when I got offered that contract, I had to put that as my first priority at the time. I tried to balance the to but it was like I was being pulled in one direction and then in the other direction at the same time, so I had to make a choice."

You can download and listen to the full interview at this link.

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