WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap: Foley In Charge, Miz Vs. Sandow, Titus & Brodus Shine

Miz leaps from up top but Sandow side-steps and throws him over the top in front of Josh and Maddox. Sandow brings him back in and gets 2. Sandow does a cartwheel and hits The Elbow of Disdain for another near-fall. Miz mounts a comeback and speeds things up for a couple of near-falls. Miz goes for the figure-4 but Sandow kicks him off and Josh says it is a move that Miz has been trying to perfect for weeks. Miz takes out Sandow's leg with a dropkick and applies the figure-4 as Sandow taps.

Winner by submission: The Miz

- We go backstage in the locker room with Brodus Clay and Tensai in matching red jump suits as they compare their "dookie rope" chains. The Kangol logos on their hats are blurred. Mick Foley joins them and says he is deeply troubled. He says he showed them his knee dance last week but he needs to learn how to do their horse-riding dance. They show him how to do the Gangnam Style; (that particular move was around before that song.)

The Prime Time Players interrupt and call Tensai & Brodus "hippos" and say they have been high-jacking kids' birthday parties and eating all the cake and ice cream. Foley says the hippopotamus is a proud and noble breed and asks what he can do for them. Clay asks Foley why he is wasting him time with Team Bounce-A-Check. Titus tells him to bounce a belly. PTP do the Millions of Dollars dance and say Foley should do it at his Hall of Fame speech. Tensai & Clay join PTP in the dance but chime in with, "Bouncin' checks, bouncin' checks." The crowd pops. Foley gets in between them and says both teams are great dancers and who is better is up for debate but we need to find out who the better tag team is next week. Both teams like it. Titus and Darren leave; Foley, Tensai, and Clay dance as we go off the air.

Instant Reaction and Final Thoughts: That segment really came off well. The interaction between Brodus Clay and Titus O'Neil was golden. Clay was comfortable and it seems as if he's finally finding his character. I wrote the same thing about him last week, but this is the most personality Clay has ever shown in his year-plus run as the Funkasaurus. Tensai fits really nicely with Brodus so far and as I wrote in last night's SmackDown report, they actually "look" like and old-school monster tag team. The Funkasaurus gimmick itself is a little undefined though. It is part 80's hip-hop, part funk, part disco, and all blaxploitation: classic Vince McMahon.

Titus O'Neil continues to shine, not counting the horrible segment with John Cena on RAW, but he did well with what he was given. I didn't like the PTP gimmick at first but there is a huge upside to Titus, face or heel, and I feel he can really connect with the masses in a mainstream kind of way. WWE has never had, or been willing to push, an African American who was also really talented on the mic, to the moon. (Booker T was not used to his full potential as a heel and especially as a face. He was over big-time, fans were itching to cheer him, but WWE never pulled the trigger.) Titus just has that charismatic pro-athlete type thing about him and his personality is, for lack of better terms, just hip and modern. More importantly, it is authentic. Given the presumed audience, I don't know if Foley gave them "the rub" or vice versa.

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