WWE SmackDown Results: Can Big Show, Orton, & Sheamus Get Along?, Fandango-Jericho & More

Winner by pin: Dolph Ziggler

AJ says, "Later nerds." and joins Ziggler in the ring. Big E picks Kofi up and drops him in the Big Ending as Ziggler and AJ look-on from ringside.

- We see a clip of Chris Jericho's run-in with Fandango on Monday.

- The RAW Rebound is shown with CM Punk and The Undertaker.

- On the Titantron, Big Show and Sheamus bicker in the back. Randy Orton steps in between them to calm things down. JBL and Cole note how Orton is uncharacteristically the voice of reason again like he was earlier on MizTV. Smells like they are finally starting to plant the seeds for the Orton heel-turn. But should he join The Shield? It could be interesting if done correctly.

- We see more footage of Jack Swagger's attack on Ricardo on Monday. Cole tells us that his ankle is indeed broken and that Alberto Del Rio is not here tonight and is with his friend.

- Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter make their way to the ring.

- Back from a break as Zeb cuts and in-ring promo on people who disagree with what they say. Y2J's pyro interrupts.

Chris Jericho vs. Jack Swagger

Jericho starts off strong and Swagger goes out to regroup and he is not happy. Jericho takes it to Swagger on the floor but Swagger takes his knee out back in the ring and proceeds to stomp on Y2J. Swagger with a shoulder block and trash talk. Y2J hits a dropkick but Swagger pounds him in the corner. Back and forth slaps and kicks in the corner up top; Jericho head-butts Swagger off and comes off with a crossbody on Swagger and gets 2.

Swagger goes back out and Jericho dives on him again as we go to commercial.

Swagger works over Jericho in the ring as we return but Jericho is quick and nimble like a cat as he turns things around. Jericho hits mounted shots in the corner and goes for a hurricanrana but Swagger blocks and applies the Patriot Lock. Jericho rolls through and dropkicks Swagger to the floor.

Fandango's music hits and he and his dancer twirl on the stage and come down the ramp. Swagger almost steals the win from a distracted Y2J. They have a nice exchange of counters and Jericho hits a bulldog as Zeb gets on the apron. Fandango kicks Jericho in the head from the floor and Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb for the win.

Winner by pin: Jack Swagger

Fandango hops in the ring and assaults Jericho and asks what his name is. Fandango goes up top and drops a awesome leg on Jericho's neck. He grabs a mic and kneels over Jericho and says, "It's Faaandaaaagoo."

- Big Show tells Matt Striker that he and Orton and Sheamus have to get on the same page and that they can trust him as much as they can trust each other.

- The Rock-Cena redemption video runs.

- Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow are in the ring with The Bella's. Cody says they have a special gift. Sandow presents the only two women with enough beauty and intelligence to accompany them, The Bella's. Brodus Clay and Tensai's music hits and they make their entrance with The Funkadactyls.

Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Brodus Clay & Tensai

Clay and Brodus actually look like a good old-school tag team especially with the matching gear. The Bella's try to distract Brodus from the apron and the four girls roll around at ringside. The men get involved and it's chaos at ringside as the bell rings and they separate their respective girls.

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