- Impact begins with a video narrated by Bully Ray, documenting how the whole Aces & 8's plan came together. He tells us to sit back as he takes us through every step.

- We go to the arena and crowd shots from Chicago, IL. Hulk Hogan's music hits and he comes to the ring with one left crutch.

Hogan pauses for a nice ovation and chanting. He says he's been around for a while but he's never had the wool pulled over his eyes like Aces & 8's has. He says this is a monster and a war of survival. Hogan says the four TNA wrestlers who led the charge last week are the locker room leaders and the heads of the pack. He says he wants nothing but respect for these men. He starts by announcing Samoa Joe to the ring. They shake hands and Hogan calls out Magnus. The Impact theme music keeps playing as Kurt Angle is introduced. Taz, on commentary, says these men already got beat up. Angle also shakes Hulk's hand in the ring. Hogan says this last warrior is "our" champion, Jeff Hardy.

Hogan tells Hardy that he took TNA to a place he didn't think they would be so quickly. He asks Jeff if he is up for the task of a title rematch. Hardy says he is and that The Creatures need the title back. Jeff proposes a four-way match tonight and the winner gets Bully Ray. Hogan likes the idea and makes it official.

- We go to a vignette with Bully Ray explaining "Plan A," to win Bound for Glory and the World Title, and the night Sting got attacked by the masked men for the 1st time. He says Bobby Roode's assertion that James Storm was involved was planted in Roode's head by Aces & 8's as a diversion. After his loss to Jeff Hardy in the BFG Series, Bully says it was time for a new plan and Hulk Hogan brought it right to him.

- Roode & Aries and Chavo & Hernandez make their walk toward the arena as we go to break.

TNA Tag Titles: Dirty Heels (Roode & Aries) (c) vs. Chavo & Hernandez

Chavo and Hernandez are out first followed by the champs. We see footage of Aces & 8's run-in from last week. Chavo and Roode square-off and go back and forth. Chavo hits a head scissors take down and tags Hernandez for some double team offense. Hernandez hits a splash on Roode for 2. Roode backs Hernandez into the corner and tags Aries. Aries keeps Hernandez isolated and the tag champs make quick tags. Hernandez counters a double suplex attempt into a simultaneous suplex of his own on the two men as we go to break.

Aries tosses Chavo to the floor as we return and Roode sends him into the steel steps. Roode holds Chavo and Aries comes off the top with a double axe handle to Chavo's head. Aries gets a couple of near falls in the ring and the ref catches his feet on the ropes. Aries asks Earl Hebner since when can he see anything. Earl says he saw that. That was pretty funny though. Roode and Aries keep Chavo hemmed up in their corner. Chavo hits a tornado DDT from the top to create some space. Chavo and Roode both tag out as Hernandez takes it to Aries and Roode, both. Hernandez goes up the ramp and charges-in over the top and takes out both Roode and Aries with Air Mexico.

Aries hits a hurricanrana to Hernandez over the top rope in a crazy nice spot. Chavo had just tagged-in and he hits his 3 Amigos on Aries in the ring. Kazarian comes down and distracts Earl as Daniels pushes Chavo off the top. Aries rolls Chavo up and grabs the tights for the win.

Winners by pin And Still TNA Tag Team Champions: Roode & Aries

Daniels & Kazarian attack Roode & Aries from behind in the ring and throw their titles on their laid-out carcasses.

- A promo brought to us by 5-Hour Energy is shown for the X-Division and it's 10 year history in TNA. We are told that all future X-Division matches will be 3-Way matches with a 230 lb. limit. Kenny King cuts a promo after the video and he is pis*ed. He says TNA wants to throw two guys at him, well so be it. He drinks some 5-Hour Energy and says he is ready.

X-Division Championship: Kenny King (c) vs. Zema Ion vs. Sonjay Dutt

All three men go at it. The action spills to the floor and King dives onto both men from the apron. King remains in control in the ring with a full mount on Ion. King keeps Dutt from reentering. Dutt hits a springboard dropkick to King and goes up top but King pushes him to the ramp. King kicks Ion in the head but Ion hits a tornado DDT from the apron. Dutt comes in off the top with a hurricanrana on Ion and then a moonsault onto both men from the top to the floor.

Dutt hits a moonsault stomp on Ion from the top but King comes in with a springboard neckbreaker for the win.

Winner by pin And Still TNA X-Division Champion: Kenny King

- Brooke Hogan avoids questions in the back as we go to break.

- Another Bully Ray explanation vignette runs.

- Sting is outside of Hogan's office door as we take another break.

- Sting enters Hogan's office and he wants Bully Ray. Hogan tells Sting to do what he does best: go sit in the rafters for a couple of years and keep to himself. He tells Sting to disappear. Sting says he wants Bully. Hogan says he isn't the only one.

- We see a video of Taryn Terrell's issues with Gail Kim.

- Taryn gets in the ring and takes the mic. She says she knows she is on probation and that she had to retaliate to Gail Kim. Gail's music hits and she comes to the ring. Gail takes Taryn's mic and says she learned that you don't mess with Gail Kim. Gail calls out Brooke so she can fire Taryn like she should have done a long time ago.

Brooke's music hits and she comes halfway down the ramp. She says this was a tough decision and she fires Taryn as ref for the Knockout. Gail gloats in the ring. Brooke says she has more good news. She signs Taryn to the Knockouts roster which means she can get physical with anybody. Taryn spears Gail and chases her out of the ring.

Bully Ray jumps the security rail and approaches Brooke from behind. Brooke turns around and is startled. She talks to him off-mic and is heard saying she loved him. Bully shows his ring and says 'til death do us part. Brooke walks away in disgust and says she hates Bully, repeatedly. We go to break.

- Bully continues his explanations. He talks about Devon's betrayal. He says Garett Bischoff was pushed to Aces & 8's by Hogan not accepting him; Wes Briscoe too. Mr. Anderson was a given. Taz was leverage. D-Lo was also a no-brainer as a member of the TNA front office. Bully says once his title match was set, he made sure every member was revealed except one.

- Angle talks to someone in the back about how important his match tonight is. He says it' s been a year and half since he was champion and he wants to take down Aces & 8's.

- Matt Morgan is introduced to the ring. Joseph Park makes his entrance.

Matt Morgan vs. Joseph Park

Morgan powers a reluctant Park to the mat. Morgan makes Park flinch and shoves him in the corner. Park shoves back and puts his dukes up. Morgan punches Park in the gut and he goes to the mat. Morgan continues with single shots as he calls out his moves. Morgan looks at the camera and mouths, "Are you watching this Hogan?"

Morgan thwarts a Park flurry and knocks him back down to the mat. Morgan hits a headbutt and rakes the face. Park avoids the Carbon Footprint and fights back with rights and lefts. Park finally takes Morgan off his feet and goes to the 2nd buckle but Morgan moves and Park hits the mat. Morgan hits the Carbon Footprint for the win.

Winner by pin: Matt Morgan

- Jeff Hardy tells the interviewer in the back that it would mean everything to him to get at Bully and get his title back.

- Mike Tenay is in the ring and he is fired-up about getting to the bottom of this. He introduces AJ Styles to the ring. AJ comes out looking dejected and like a long lost member of Aces & 8's. Tenay asks AJ what is going on and he just stares blankly ahead. Taz interrupts from ringside and tells Tenay to let a pro do it. Taz offers AJ to be a prospect for Aces & 8's and work his way up.

James Storm's music hits and he comes to the ring. Taz gets back on commentary and says he doesn't like being interrupted. Storm cuts a promo on AJ with AJ's back turned to him. Storm gets in front of him and says he is the same Cowboy James Storm he's always been. AJ backs up and leaves the ring. Storm asks AJ what he's leaving for.

- Bully Ray brings us more storyline connections. Bully explains the wedding and that Devon didn't hit him with a cement pillar. Bully says he pulled off the biggest con in pro wrestling history.

- We go to the ring for Samoa Joe's entrance. Magnus is out next followed by Kurt Angle. Jeff Hardy makes his entrance.

#1 Contenders Four-Way Match: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

All four men go at it with 14 minutes until the top of the hour. Joe and Angle are left in the ring as Joe takes control. Hardy and Magnus mix it up on the floor. Angle falls to the floor and Magnus and Hardy take it to him. Joe dives onto all 3 men through the ropes as we go to break.

Hardy is MIA as the other 3 men go at it in the ring. Hardy gets on the apron and goes up top for a crossbody on Magnus. Magnus catches him and drives him to the mat. Magnus drops an elbow and gets 2. Angle and Joe go at it on the floor. Magnus kicks Joe through the ropes to keep him on the floor. The crowd starts to chant for Angle and Joe. Samoa Joe gets back in and takes Magnus' head off with a reverse elbow. Magnus turns it around and goes back to work on Hardy.
Hardy turns it around and hits a flurry on Magnus. Hardy hits Twist of Fate on all 3 men. Angle hits a belly to belly to Magnus and a German to Joe and applies the Ankle Lock. Joe kicks Angle off but Hardy hits the Swanton off the top onto Joe to steal the win.

Winner and #1 Contender: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy stands tall as we go off the air.

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