Impact Wrestling Results: Final Lockdown Hype, V.P.'s Identity Revealed, Fan Incident & More

Winner by pin: Mr. Anderson

Anderson celebrates with Devon, D-Lo and company. Aces & 8's now has the advantage in the Lethal Lockdown.

- Bully Ray with Brooke and Jeff Hardy are on their way to the ring.

- The Lockdown card is rundown.

- Bully Ray makes his way to the ring hand-in-hand with Brooke. Jeff Hardy comes out. Bully says it is 3 days until the biggest TNA PPV of all time. He says he and Hardy have made history before and they will do it again. Bully says he is proud of Hardy for everything he has gotten through in his career and personal life. He gives the mic to Hardy. Hardy says he know Bully will beat the crap out of him at Lockdown. Bully nods in agreement. Hardy says he is proud of Bully as well. Bully takes the mic back and says he is beating Hardy not by escaping the ring but by pinning Hardy after hitting him with his finisher.

Hulk Hogan's music hits and he comes on the stage on crutches. Hogan says Bully and Hardy are the best of the best. Hogan says this small company is ready for a change and will go on to greatness. Hogan says the boys are ready for a leader. He says, "May the best man win."

Bully suddenly grabs Brooke and escorts her to safety as Aces & 8's rush the ring. Team TNA rushes the ring as well and we go off the air in the midst of a pier 6 brawl.

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