Impact Wrestling Results: Final Lockdown Hype, V.P.'s Identity Revealed, Fan Incident & More

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- We start with a memoriam to Bill "Paul Bearer" Moody, 1954 2013.

- A video package catches us up on recent events. Bully Ray is the #1 contender for Jeff Hardy's World Title. Who will be champion at Lockdown? Also, who did Kurt Angle unmask last week?

- We go right to the camera crew in the back asking Kurt Angle who was under the mask. Angle is fired up and he says he will reveal it later tonight. He says he is shocked and pissed off, "Nobody is safe."

- We go to the ring for pyro and crowd shots in the Impact Zone.

- Austin Aries makes his way to the ring.

Aries says that once again he can't get a hold of his partner Bobby Roode and puts himself over. Aries says Bully said he will never be champion again so he calls out Jeff Hardy to a match. Hardy comes down with his two title belts and slaps hands with fans at ringside. Aries attacks Hardy at ringside and sends him in as the bell rings.

Jeff Hardy vs. Austin Aries

Aries takes off his shirt and goes to work on Hardy. Aries drops a big knee and gets 2. The crowd provides dueling Hardy/Aries chants. Hardy fights out of the corner and hits mounted shots on Aries in the opposite corner. Aries counters Hardy and tosses him to the floor as the ref counts. We go to break.

Hardy quickens the pace as we return to action but Aries keeps up and stays in control. Hardy almost steals it with an inside cradle. Aries hits chops in the corner but Jeff fights back with kicks. Aries hits a Frogsplash off the 2nd buckle after mocking Hardy and gets 2. Hardy rolls Aries up again for another 2. Hardy starts to build momentum and hits a Stinger Splash in the corner. Jeff continues with a flurry and hits a splash off the 2nd buckle for 2. Hardy takes Aries out to the floor with a head scissors takedown and kicks him through the ropes and tackles Aries from the apron.

Jeff sends Aries back in and goes up top but Aries punches him off the apron. Aries suplexes Hardy back in but Hardy counters and hits 2 Twists of Fate. Hardy removes his shirt but Matt Morgan comes in and takes his head off with the Carbon Footprint as the bell rings. Morgan goes to do it again but Bully Ray comes down with a chain and Morgan retreats.

- Sting gives a pep talk to Team TNA in his office: James Storm, Magnus, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young. Sting says the world will find out soon why he chose Young. Sting is fired-up and says he will set it off tonight.

- We see footage of V.P.'s unmasking last week. We see that after we went off the air last week, Angle got beat down by Aces & 8's, lead by Briscoe and Bischoff.

- Kurt Angle is on his way to the ring.

- Back from a break. They ask Matt Morgan in the back to explain his actions. He says he knows what he deserves and he will gut the entire roster until Hulk Hogan gives him what he deserves.

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