WWE Main Event Recap (W/ Video) - Henry Vs. Gabriel, Kaitlyn & Love-Stache, More

Mark Henry vs. Justin Gabriel

Gabriel starts with kicks but Henry tosses him into corner. Henry starts his onslaught. Henry yells at Gabriel, "You like to kick people? I do too!" Gabriel hits the ropes but Henry runs over him. Mark Henry violently sends Gabriel into corner and yells at him to "fly."

Gabriel starts to rock Henry with kicks to the legs and body. Henry catches Gabriel in mid-air and tosses the South African to the apron. Justin Gabriel flips over Henry to get back in the ring. Henry catches Gabriel again and hits a powerslam. Henry drags Gabriel's body to the corner and goes to the 2nd buckle, Gabriel tries to roll out of the way and Henry splashes his back. Henry connects with the World's Strongest Slam for the win.

Winner by pin: Mark Henry

Henry taunts the fans and the world in general as he yells, "Who else wants some?" back up the ramp.

- We see shots of the arena as we return from a commercial. Cole sends to a Ryback video package.

- Cody Rhodes is upset in the back as he starts to trash some equipment. He sees Kaitlyn standing in the near distance behind him. She approaches him and he says hi. She manages, "The mustache doesn't give up." They have another awkward moment and Kaitlyn leaves, embarrassed. Cody starts to stop her but then stops himself. I hope that made sense readers.

- We go back ringside as Cole and Lawler send to the RAW Rebound. We see the Vince-Heyman highlight followed by Hunter-Lesnar in glorious crimson-less black and white. We see HHH's Tout taunting Brock Lesnar.

- After a break we go the final 15 minutes from the John Cena vs. CM Punk match from RAW. They show this the remainder of Main Event and we go off the air.

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