Bruno Sammartino Talks WWE Under HHH, If He'll Meet With Vince Before The HOF, Current Stars

As far as the film, I did hear and this I was told by Scott Rosenfelt, the producer, he said that the film department of WWE knew about this film and contacted him. They said to him that when the screenwriting is all done, they would like to see it as well because they may be interested in it. That's all I know. How serious are they? I don't know.

Wrestling INC: Final question: if you could pick anyone to play you in the movie, who would you pick?

Bruno: My goodness, I don't have the slightest idea. [Laughs.] I really don't. First of all, there's going to have to be a number of me. You're going to to have that 8-year-old kid who went up that mountain and who got deathly sick. I was up there 14 months and I came down with rheumatic fever.

Then, I came over to this country at 14 years of age as a human skeleton and then I start exercising. So, I think they have to show somebody from that stage until I started developing. Then, when I get up to 270-275, then you have the guy who's gotta portray me for my career.

So I think it's going to take some kind of search. I don't know all the wrestlers that are out there and I've just seen some lately since I've been watching WWE again. I think it's going to take some searching to find somebody that meets the proper criteria. Somebody that's going to be 6 foot tall, 275 pounds and, hopefully, somebody that looks like they trained as hard as I used to train so they fit the part well. I don't know where they're looking at and if anybody is in mind, nobody has told me.

As far as me, so far as I've been watching it, so far, I don't see anyone that could play my part that looks like me. There's a lot of great-looking guys out there, don't get me wrong. I don't know. I'm very curious myself as to who's going to wind up playing that part.

Click here for the first part of the interview, where Bruno discussed the last time he was at Madison Square Garden, winning the WWWF title nearly 50 years ago, his last meeting with Vince McMahon and more. Also, make sure to visit his official website at to get more information about Bruno.

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