Bruno Sammartino Talks WWE Under HHH, If He'll Meet With Vince Before The HOF, Current Stars

So, that's been completed and we have different distributors who we are actually talking with to see who we feel most comfortable putting it in their hands. Because, we want this thing not only nationwide but overseas as well. We've had a lot of interest shown from other countries.

The movie, yes, the screenwriting has all been complete. The producer is Scott Rosenfelt, I don't know if you know him. He's the guy who did that Home Alone movie but he's done about 38 other films as well. He has this guy, Paul Gay, who is the screenwriter, who did the whole thing.

It's complete and I understand there are a couple of studios now who are looking at the script that are interested. And a couple of independent organizations that are interested in maybe producing it. But, it's at that stage right now but it seems like it's going forward. I don't know how long it'll take but I'm pleased that the documentary is done.

Raj, if I may say, too, if you don't mind: I've seen a lot of misinformation that my attorney, my wife and kids who do know computers because -- forget about me, I don't know nothing about that stuff. [Laughs.] But, they show me on the internet so much misinformation. I would just like to tell you and your listeners and readers to visit, that's where they'll get the straight scoop about everything I'm saying and everything I'm doing. Some of the things that have been put out there are kind of disturbing to me.

Wrestling INC: Absolutely, I'll invite all our readers to check that out because rumors do get spread pretty quickly. You mentioned going back to Italy for the documentary and it's an amazing story of your family hiding from German soldiers in the mountains. Was that your first time going back to Italy since your childhood or at least those parts?

Bruno: No, I went back in 1966 the first time back. My wife and I and my son went back up in 1966 but I never went back up the mountain. I swore that I would never do that.

Then, when the documentary started, my good friend Marty Lozarro and the people that were doing all the shooting, a guy named Kenny Brown and a guy named Josh Brit and also Scott Rosenfelt came in from California and made the journey up there. They all wanted to go up that mountain.

So, I didn't want to go, I really didn't. But, they expressed to me how important it was that we went up there and we interviewed up there and we filmed up there. So, I did and I was glad I did because I had nightmares about it. But, after it was all done and as time has gone by, I'm really glad that I did it, to go back and to relive that period. I think it was important.

Wrestling INC: Will the documentary be released this year?

Bruno: From everything that they tell me, the people that put it together and worked on it so hard for six years, they tell me by the latter part of this year, this thing we'll be seen all over. So, I'm just telling you what they tell me.

Wrestling INC: I'm not sure if you can comment on this or not, but has WWE Studios looked to be involved with either project?

Bruno: There's been some conversation about that. As far as the documentary, they can only bid for it to be the distributors for it. But, we have 20 different distributors that are interested. if they are interested, they would just have to be among those.

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