Bruno Sammartino Talks WWE Under HHH, If He'll Meet With Vince Before The HOF, Current Stars

Wrestling INC: Looking to the Hall of Fame and being there that night: how do you prepare for something like that? Returning after 25 years to Madison Square Garden, it's going to be crazy...

Bruno: I hope so. [Laughs.] Remember, I wonder how many fans where even born 50 years ago when I first became champion. Maybe their parents and grandparents. I mean, everybody is telling me what you just said. I hope that's true but these are younger people. I don't know what to expect, I honestly don't.

Wrestling INC: You're also be making an appearance at WrestleMania as well, correct?

Bruno: Yes, I will. It's no big deal there, I will just be introduced to that audience and that's it.

Wrestling INC: I've heard you'll also be at Monday Night Raw the following night in New Jersey.

Bruno: Yes, when we agreed to this, we agreed that I would do, of course, the Hall of Fame, then the next night is WrestleMania and the very next night is Monday Night Raw. They asked me to all three of those and I said sure. I'm going to be there anyway, why not? So, I agreed.

Wrestling INC: Do you know what you'll be doing on Monday Night Raw.

Bruno: I have no idea. I think just an appearance but I don't think it's anything special. Unless they'll inform me of exactly what they'll want, they they expect. But, as of now, I'm just going to be making an appearance. That's all I know.

Wrestling INC: Can fans expect to see more of you in WWE going forward after WrestleMania weekend.

Bruno: Well, from my understanding with Paul is that they're interested in doing some DVDs with maybe some of my best matches that they want to put together. Maybe a video game or maybe an interview with me talking about my career and my greatest matches, to talk about different opponents.

I understand they have different ideas, but I don't know about it all. They will discuss them all with me, I'm sure, as time goes on. But, to be specific about all they want to do or going to do, I'm not so sure. But, I know they have plans but of course the stuff has to be agreeable to us both. But, I'd be willing, too.

You know, one thing I run in to all the time? People are always asking me where they can get some of my matches on tapes and DVDs. The people always tell me they see me on Youtube or whatever. So, I thought there was stuff out there. Maybe they want stuff that they can purpose, I don't know. With the coming into WWE, I'm sure they're going to produce a lot of that stuff.

Wrestling INC: One of the things that I'm excited about is this movie that's been talked about of your life. I've heard it starts with your childhood during World War II in Italy and chronicles you coming to America. Is there any update on that? Has a script been completed?

Bruno: Yes. First of all, there's a documentary that has been completed, totally completed. It's been six years in the works and I'm very excited about that. We actually made four trips back to Italy for this documentary. We even went up the mountain where we were hiding from the Nazis.

We even interviewed the people from my town that are still around who went through that period to tell their stories. Some of them are relatives are mine who were hiding in the same place I was. A good portion of it is over there in Italy Then, it tells the story of when I got here and my life after that.

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