Another Set Of Results From Tonight's WWE Event In Texas: Tumlin Interferes In Main Event, Zeb, More

Match 6 – The Great Khali and Brodus Clay vs. Primo and Epico

Before the match could ever begin, the Funkadactyls and Rosa got in a dancing match, then Cameron laid out Rosa with a spear and the guys had to pull the girls apart. Brodus started the match and toyed with Primo, before eventually tagging in Khali. At one point in the match, it almost appeared as if Khali was about to fall out of the ring trying to exit over the top rope. Brodus hits the running splash, end of match… now time for dancing with the fans.

Winner – The Great Khali and Brodus Clay

Match 7 – Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus (non-title match)

Wade Barrett comes to the ring with no support from the WWE Universe and then the place erupts when Sheamus hits the ring. Wade tried to cut a heel promo at first but did not get much heat, nothing compared to Swagger earlier in the night. Sheamus and Barrett have a good solid match with a lot of back and forth, and a lot of outside the ring activity. Sheamus does the "vintage" move-set and gets Barrett in the ropes for the smashing to begin, and tries for the "Brogue Kick" twice but unsuccessful each time. Eventually, Sheamus lands the "White Noise" and puts Barrett away.

Winner – Sheamus

But wait… as Sheamus is heading to the back, Barrett calls him a "ginger" and tells him that he is still standing so he didn't finish the job. Sheamus sprints back to the ring and the two exchange blows, with Barrett eventually getting the better of Sheamus. Sheamus then gets up to catch Barrett with the "Brogue Kick" and the arena erupts. Barrett grabs the mic after being laid out for a good 4 minutes and states he is still the Intercontinental Champion. Great match!

Main Event – Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Big Show. Fan Interactive – Voted No DQ Match for the Title

Ricardo comes out and introduces Del Rio with a huge pop from the fans in attendance. Del Rio cuts a promo to the home crowd and tells them that he has a friend that he wants to bring to the ring. Texas A&M Football head coach, Kevin Sumlin, makes his way to the ring. Ricardo is holding a title belt in its zipper bag and Del Rio finally states that from one champion to another, he would like to present him with an honorary World Heavyweight Title. Sumlin begins to talk when Big Show's music comes over the speakers. Big Show then goes on to cut a promo about how Sumlin is mediocre and that he coaches for a second rate university and the boos have never been louder. Show asks Sumlin to sit ringside and watch a true champion in action. The match begins and there is a constant back and forth before the No DQ comes into play. Del Rio hits Big Show with multiple chair shots and then repeated blows with the kendo stick. He then introduces a table and it appears show is going to power bomb Del Rio through the table that was set up in the corner, but Del Rio counters by spinning out of it and Show goes through the table. Big Show then hits a chokeslam later in the match, but Del Rio kicks out at two. A "Beat the Hell Outta Big Show" yell erupts in typical Aggie fashion. Another table is introduced to the match and it appears show is going to jump from the turnbuckle onto a motionless Del Rio on the table, but Ricardo comes in and hits Big Show in the head with the metal bucket that he has been carrying to the ring. Finally, Texas A&M's Coach Sumlin gives Del Rio his honorary title belt and Del Rio connects with Big Show's cranium. Game, Set, Match.

Winner – Alberto Del Rio (assisted by Sumlin and Rodriguez)

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