The Miz Talks Ric Flair Passing Him The Torch, Being A Babyface, Winning The WWE Title

The Miz Talks Ric Flair Passing Him The Torch, Being A Babyface, Winning The WWE Title Photo: Evan Hoffman

Source: The Times-Picayune

The Times-Picayune has an interview up with the Miz, who was promoting this Sunday's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view at the New Orleans Arena. Here are some highlights:

How cool it was to have Ric Flair pass the torch to him: "Are you kidding me? When I was a kid, I was giving all my friends figure fours all the time. For him to pass it to me, it was incredible. I was so grateful."

Winning the WWE Championship: "Cleveland sports hasn't won a championship in some time, but I brought the championship to Cleveland. The amazing part was the Internet getting a buzz. Venues that normally don't talk about us like MTV and US Weekly doing stories on it. It just went to show that I really made an impact. And the angry Miz girl (shown in the crowd with a pouty face) really made it."

Being a face: "The funny thing is that I never changed. To me, I've never been bad or good. I've always been the Miz. I'm used to people booing me and telling me I suck. Now, they're chanting I'm awesome, but I'll take it."

Miz also discussed being a big Ultimate Warrior fan growing up, hosting MizTV, facing Antonio Cesaro this Sunday and much more. You can read the full interview at this link.

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