NXT this week heads straight into matches.

Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger vs. Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament

Grey and Ohno start things off. They tie up and Ohno locks in a side headlock. Grey tries to take Ohno down, but he rolls to the ropes and the ref breaks it up.

Kruger comes in and they tie up. Kruger backs Grey into the corner, and tries to punch him but Grey moves out of the way.

They stare each other down, and tie up again. Kruger locks in a side headlock, but Grey reverses into one of his own followed by a hip toss. The headlock stays locked in.

Kruger fights back to his feet and whips Grey into the ropes. Grey rebounds and hits another hip toss followed by another side headlock.

Grey takes Kruger to his corner and Neville comes in. The two do a double elbow to Kruger for a one count.

Neville then keeps up the attack on Kruger's head/neck. He escapes and Ohno comes in. They fight for a second, and then Grey comes back in.

Grey immediately goes to work on Ohno's arm, and then Grey and Neville come in and out several times while they attack Ohno's arm.

Grey takes Ohno to the center of the ring with an arm lock. Ohno whips Grey to the ropes, and then charges him. Kruger comes back in, and clubs Grey's back with multiple forearms. Kruger then locks in a headlock as NXT goes to commercial.

Back from commercial and Ohno is in control of Grey. He has a headlock locked in his corner.

Kruger comes in and lands a forearm on Grey. He then hits a backbreaker for a two count. Kruger then locks in an abdominal stretch.

Ohno comes in and locks in an abdominal stretch of his own. Kruger comes back in, and locks in another abdominal stretch.

Ohno comes back in and locks in an abdominal stretch, but Grey fights out and crawls to his corner. Ohno stops him with a senton before Neville can come in.

Ohno then shoves Grey to his corner, and tries to charge him but Grey boots him and Kruger both.

Grey tries to get Neville in again, but Ohno pulls him back to the corner and Kruger comes in with several boots to the chest.

Kruger hits a back Suplex for a two count. Kruger then goes to work on Grey's head and neck. Grey reverses into an inside cradle for a two count, followed by a backslide for another two count.

Kruger charges Grey but misses and hits the turnbuckle. Ohno and Neville come in, and Neville cleans house.

He hits Ohno with an elbow, followed by a mule kick. He bounces off the ropes and runs into a boot by Ohno. Neville falls out of the ring and Ohno follows him. He then sends Neville back into the ring and yells at William Regal.

Ohno turns around to head into the ring, and Neville flies over the top rope and takes Ohno out. He rolls Ohno back into the ring and hits the corkscrew shooting star press for the win.

Winners: Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey

After the match, a recap of the Paige match last week where Summer Rae attacked Paige after the match is shown.

Summer Rae is then shown backstage and she says that she attacked Paige because she is sick of being an announcer and she is the prettiest Diva in the WWE. She is sick of how everyone likes Paige. She says, "Summer school is always in session."

Mike Dalton vs. Conor O'Brian

O'Brian attacks Dalton with a kick to the gut. He grabs his head and whips him into the ropes. Dalton tries to fight back with a few kicks, but O'Brian lands several punches.

O'Brian whips Dalton into the corner, charges him, and then throws him across the ring. He then runs across the ring and hits Dalton with a shoulder block.

He slams Dalton to the mat and then hits the Fall of Man for the win.

Winner: Conor O'Brian

After the match O'Brian yells at the ref to give him a five count. He then hits the five count on the mat himself. He then does Big E. Langston's chest pound.

Langston comes out and walks down to the ring. He gets inside and the two stare each other down.

Langston then picks Dalton up and hits the Big Ending as he stares at O'Brian. He then leaves the ring.

Paige is then backstage with Dusty Rhodes and she is angry for what Summer Rae did. She says that she is going to rip her lips off her face. She demands that Rhodes gives her a match next week.

Sasha Banks then walks up to Rhodes as Paige leaves, and asks if everything is alright.

Rhodes tells her that her first win two weeks ago was exciting. He then hands her another secret admirer card. The card says that next week there will be PDA.

Back from commercial and a recap of the Royal Rumble Fan Fest Tournament is shown.

Then, Bo Dallas is backstage. Bray Wyatt walks up to him, clapping his hands. He says he wanted to congratulate Dallas for winning the tournament.

Dallas says it was cool beating his boy Luke Harper, and then says it's cooler that he gets to do it again tonight.

He says the Wyatt Family better watch out, and walks away. Wyatt starts laughing.

Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty vs. The Wyatt Family- NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament

Harper and Dallas start things off. They briefly tie up, and Harper shoves Dallas away. They tie up again and Harper shoves him, followed by a boot to the gut.

Dallas fights back and backs Harper into his corner. Michael comes in with a punch to the gut.

Harper counters with a headbutt to the chest, but Michael comes back with a standing dropkick, followed by a few knife-edge chops.

Michael puts Harper in the corner, delivers several kicks to the stomach, and Dallas comes in. He keeps up the attack and punches Harper several times.

Dallas goes to bulldog Dallas, but he shoves Dallas to the mat. Rowan comes in, and the two stomp Dallas in the corner.

Rowan then shoves his boot into Dallas' back, and rams him into the turnbuckle. Harper comes back in, and punches Dallas in the gut as NXT goes to commercial.

Back from commercial and Rowan is in charge of Dallas. He locks in a bear hug and starts rag dolling Dallas.

Harper comes in, and Dallas tries to fight back out of the corner. Harper whips him into the turnbuckle hard, and Rowan comes back in. He body slams Dallas, followed by an elbow drop.

He goes for another body slam, but Dallas escapes and Michael comes in and takes out Rowan with several lariats. He hits Harper off the apron, and then hits Rowan with a Suplex.

Bray Wyatt comes down to the ring and tries to interfere, but the prevents it.

Meanwhile in the ring, Michael has Rowan in a pin position, but Harper runs up and takes his head off with a clothesline.

The ref goes back into the ring, and Rowan pins Michael for the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

After the match Bray Wyatt rolls into the ring and holds his hand out to Bo Dallas. Dallas hits his hand away, and Wyatt rolls out of the ring. He directs the family back into the ring.

Harper and Rowan surround the ring, and Dallas is staring at them. Wyatt attacks Dallas from behind, dances with for a second and then nails his swinging face buster.

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