- A cage match is advertised for tonight's TNA live event from the Crown Arena in Fayetteville, NC at 7:30pm. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Hernandez and the TNA Knockouts are scheduled to appear. We would appreciate a report for the show, so if you are attending it, please send us a report us by clicking here.

- In the latest episode of WrestlingINC Weekly, myself (@RajGiri_303) and former WWE Creative writer Court Bauer (@courtbauer) discussed TNA announcing that they would take Impact tapings on the road. While Bauer felt that it was a good move for TNA, he ripped the company for announcing it publicly.

"To announce it on a TV show... I think it just speaks to how in the bubble they are, and how they are desperate to look like they're something. They way they're doing it makes them look so super bush league. To shine the spotlight on the fact that they don't do s--t [and] that they've been in the same place for a million years. To the average fan, they're going to shrug like, 'Who gives a damn? Great, you're going to be in Alabama next week, who cares?' To them [the average fan], a big announcement is that you signed Steve Austin, you signed the Rock, or you're bringing in this, or you're bringing in WarGames... it's preposterous, it makes them look like the fools they are."

Bauer said that the announcement sounded "stupid" and compared it to when WWE took RAW on the road. You can listen to the full show below, our discussion about TNA taking Impact on the road begins at at 24:25 mark:

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