Thanks to reader Gary Walker for sending in these results from last night's RAW live event in Chattanooga, TN:

* Zack Ryder pinned NXT's Conor O' Brian. The crowd totally hated O'Brian.

* The Shield did a promo promising to beat Team Hell No tonight and win the tag team titles.

* Tensai beat Alex Riley (twice). Vickie Guerrero came out and turned the match into a "dance off". The crowd got behind Tensai after he danced and starting booing Riley. Riley lost to Tensai, challenged him again, only to lose a second time.

* WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn beat Tamina Snuka. Kaitlyn got a nice pop and the match was pretty decent.

* Team Hell No defeated The Shield by DQ. The crowd was red hot for Team Hell No. The match itself was pretty bizarre with the Shield doing a weird comedy routine. Only Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins wrestled.

* Jack Swagger made Justin Gabriel tap out to the ankle lock. Swagger is back, but still using his old gimmick.

* Antonio Cesaro pinned The Miz to retain the US title in a no DQ match. The WWE did a text/poll gimmick for this match, which was done by Vickie Guerrero. Cesaro did an extremely long promo, which seemed to go on forever. The crowd went nuts for the Miz when he locked on the figure four. Cesaro got the win with a low blow.

* John Cena and Ryback beat Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. AJ and Big E came out with Ziggler, while Punk was alone. I know most crowds are 50/50 for Cena, but here in Chattanooga the crowd went completely nuts for him. Ryback also got a good reaction. CM Punk made the announcer tell the crowd that he is the real "People's Champion." Punk wrestled very little and hobbled around for most of the match. Ryback had a nice confrontation with Big E, who later hit Ryback with his finisher putting Ryback on his back for a while. Ryback sells a move! AJ and Big E were then sent to the back by the ref. Cena hit Dolph with the AA to get the win.

Match of the Night: Cena and Ryback vs Ziggler and CM Punk. Ziggler carried the entire match for his team and did a great job, before doing the job.

Pop of the Night: John Cena.

Most Heat: A tie between O'Brian and CM Punk.

Overall a great show.

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