** SPOILERS ** TNA Impact Wrestling Tapings For 2/21/13

Winner and new TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

Mr. Anderson, D.O.C and Devon vs. Hulk Hogan, Sting and Bully Ray

Hogans music hits twice but no show from Hogan both times so Bully and Sting continue the match alone. I was looking out for any pre-planned reaction from Bully Ray and Sting since we had to backstage segments shown throughout the night, no such reaction happened. From this point on it all built to the ending which saw the Ace's and 8's holding Hulk and Brooke hostage on the long ramp way causing Bully Ray to leave Sting in the ring all alone so he could chase away the Ace's and 8's. Bully Ray is then seen screaming down the ramp after noticing Sting being attacked in the ring, so Bully runs off backstage and comes out with all the faces members of the TNA locker room including RVD, Magnus, James Storm, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Hernandez and Chavo and Rockstar Spud who beat down the Ace's and 8's and the crowd pops one last time.

- Once off the air the remaining TNA roster members in the ring thanked the crowd. Funny thing to note is that Rockstar Spud looked as though he didn't know whether or not to stay or leave the ring and appeared to ask Magnus that very same question, he soon after had his moment with the crowd. Dixie Carter comes out with The Blossom Twins and Marty Scurll (who seems fine at this point) and thanks the crowd one last time. The two shows proved to be very well put together and everyone involved seemed to have a great time. Myself included.

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