On the first Impact following Taz's surprise heel turn as a member of Aces and Eights, how was TNA's weekly show? What was good, bad and strange about Impact this week, in this writer's opinion?

The Good

1) Taz getting into the ring at the start of the show and explaining why he joined Aces and Eights was a good opening segment. Taz's membership in Aces is just what the group needed to stay relevant. Also, his comment about how his contract prevents people from attacking him should make for some good angles in the near future, especially considering Hulk Hogan is eventually going to want some revenge for what Aces did to his daughter and Bully last week.

2) While the pre match promo between Kenny King and Zema Ion was cheesy, their match later on in the show against RVD and Christian York was way good. King and Ion came out on top looking very strong.

3) Bully Ray's promo where he called out the Aces and Eights and said that he was going to destroy each member of the group one by one was awesome, and is also setting the tone for what Impact fans can expect out of the story line in the next few weeks.

4) Kurt Angle was fired up last night, and that spells bad news for Ken Anderson next week. Not only did show that fiery aggression for which Angle is famous for, but he also announced that he will fight Anderson in a cage match next week.

5) Jeff Hardy and Christopher Daniels put on a decent match. The stakes were increased for the Impact locker room when the masked man got into the ring while Taz was distracting Hardy, and hit him in the knee with the hammer. If this pace keeps up, Aces is going to take over TNA.

The Bad

1) Christopher Daniels rhyming promo where Kazarian handed him a martini out of a briefcase was tacky and not entertaining.

2) The finish to Bobby Roode vs. Hernandez was terrible. Hernandez is one half of the Tag Team Champions, and he loses via a bulldog? Makes no sense at all.

3) The Aces and Eights segment from their clubhouse where Devon told Mr. Anderson to enjoy their hookers was hilarious, but not in a good way.

The Strange

1) The fact that Taz kept referring to a "higher power" throughout Impact in his promos and on commentary was interesting. It makes one wonder if he was trying to hint at something, as it seemed, or if it's just a dead angle with no significance.

2) It seems a bit strange how the Joseph Park character keeps returning week after week and evolving so as to have a reason for him to be around. At first, it seemed as if Joseph Park would be temporary, but he has since gotten over very much with the fans. Props to Park for being so talented in the ring and on the mic, and pulling off the bumbling, inexperienced wrestler so well.

Who will Park choose to fight next week for open fight night? Will it be a member of Aces and Eights? It will be interesting to see.

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