Thanks to reader Bryan Phillips for sending in this report for tonight's TNA live event in Dublin, Ireland:

The first match was for the tag team titles, it was Hernandez and Chavo Guerrero against Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. The crowd was fairly loud at the start of the match. Daniels got a huge pop and even got the mic to try to draw some heat from the crowd, but it didn't work. Chavo and Hernandez won a fairly solid match after Chavo hit a frog splash.

The next match was a tag team Knockouts match with Tara and Gail Kim against Miss Tessmacher and Velvet Sky. Velvet got a good pop. Velvet Sky hit her finisher for the win. Decent enough match.

The third match was Rob Van Dam against Zema Ion. RVD got by far the biggest pop of the night. The match took nearly 10 minutes to get started because the crowd was that loud after RVD's entrance. RVD got the win with a 5 star frog splash.

A triple threat between Austin Aries, Booby Roode and James Storm was next. Aries drew some good heat, followed by Storm coming out and playing on the Irish drinking stereotype to get a good pop from the crowd. Storm won the match with a super-kick and drank beer with the crowd afterwards.

Christe Hemme came out and introduced Dixie Carter into the ring. She thanked the crowd, only to be interrupted by Magnus. Magnus got some decent heat from the crowd over the whole UK - Ireland rivalry. Bully Ray then came out and asked Dixie Carter to lift his suspension for one night so he could kick Magnus' ass. Dixie agreed, but only if it was a no disqualification match.

Bully Ray defeated Magnus after putting him through a table in a short match. Following the match, Bully Ray and Dixie brought a young kid into the ring and signed a piece of broken table for him and posed for some photos.

There was a short interval while they put the steel cage up.

The main event was Aces & 8's (Devon and Luke Gallows) vs. Sting and Kurt Angle in a steel cage. As Devon, Gallows and Sting were in the ring, Angle made his way out. Angle was attacked by Mike Knox and the door was shut, leaving Sting in a handicap match. Sting and Angle won after Angle got in and made the save. After the match, a masked member of Aces & 8's came in with a hammer but Sting was able to retrieve it and use it on the other members.

Biggest pops: RVD, Daniels, James Storm and Velvet Sky.

Most Heat: Magnus, Austin Aries and Zema Ion.

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