Bully Ray Talks Being A CM Punk Fan, TNA's New PPV Model, TNA Not Pursuing Larger Markets

A potential match with Jeff Hardy: "Me and Jeff had a ton of history. Everybody knows about the TLC matches. The Hardys vs the Dudleys. All of the history that we made together. Got to give Jeff a ton of credit for bouncing back from his personal issues. I never held a grudge against Jeff for his personal issues, when actually, I'm the guy that should probably hold the biggest grudge. Because when Jeff was going through his personal issues, who did the company turn too to make everyone forget that Jeff Hardy was on the shelf? Me! And in a week's time, you forgot he was gone. I was the guy who stepped up and hit grand slam after grand slam every single week. No grudges, no jealousy, no nothing. TNA is better with Jeff Hardy as the champion. TNA is a better company. Professional wrestling is better with Jeff Hardy. Nothing but respect, but I do want another opportunity."

If Hulk Hogan will attend the wedding: "He is either going to accept me or he is not going to accept me. All I know is that tomorrow night on Spike TV, I am going to marry his daughter. If that doesn't make him accept me, than I don't know what will. At the end of the day no matter what kind of animosity and heat me and Hulk have, I really do hope that he is there on Thursday. I want him to walk his daughter down the aisle. I want him to give his daughter away. I want him to be happy. I want him to be happy for his daughter and I want him to be happy because of my respect level for the industry that he paved the road for me. That's the bottom line."

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