WWE SmackDown Results: Rock Returns Home, World Title Change, Punk Promo & More, Sound Off

WWE SmackDown Results: Rock Returns Home, World Title Change, Punk Promo & More, Sound Off
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- SmackDown begins with a video hyping The Rock's return as he returns home for the first time in 10 years, then a package for Big Show and Del Rio.

- We go to the ring and Lilian Garcia introduces Booker T and we hear from the announcers that he has a big announcement. Booker comes to the ring and says we're going to kick the year off with a bang. Booker says RAW was epic but SmackDown can do it better and they won't take a back seat. He says RAW had Ziggler vs. Cena but tonight Antonio Cesaro will face Randy Orton. RAW delivered The Great One but after 10 years The Rock will be in this ring. We see a graphic as Booker says that the match between Del Rio and Big Show tonight will be Last Man Standing for the Title.

An angry Big Show comes down and gets in Booker's face and asks him if it's personal and yells at him off mic. Show gets a mic and says Booker has a personal vendetta against him. He says Booker wants the Latino fans in Miami to embrace Del Rio. Show says there are no Latino heroes and no Irish or Viper heroes will stop him. Show gets back in the ring and circles Booker and says it's a bad idea to gives these people a hero and he needs to change his mind. Show grabs Booker by the neck and backs him into the corner.

Del Rio's music hits and he runs down to the ring and hits Show with kicks to the leg and a dropkick. Del Rio hits an Enzuigiri and another dropkick to send Show out of the ring. Show lands on his feet and starts to go crazy and says he will destroy Del Rio. We get a 'Del Rio' chant fro the crowd. Del Rio backs up the ramp and his music plays as Show tells Booker this is all his fault. Ricardo Rodriguez comes out on the ramp to join Del Rio.

- We go to highlights of The Rock on SmackDown and they show a clip from September 13, 2001 with Shawn Stasiak.

- We will hear from CM Punk tonight as we see a graphic of him and Rock face to face with the words: PIPE BOMB!

- We go to the ring as Randy Orton's music hits and he is introduced to the ring. Antonio Cesaro makes his way down the ramp waving an American flag. We see and inset promo from Cesaro announcing his entry and victory in the Royal Rumble.

Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro

They lock up and trade go-behinds. Orton hits a shoulderblock and Cesaro adjusts his neck. Cesaro hits European Uppercuts but Orton tosses him out of the ring and follows to the floor for a huge clothesline. We go to commercial.

Back to action as Cesaro has Orton in a headlock in the ring. Orton fights up but gets taken back down with a clothesline and Cesaro gets 2. Cesaro picks Orton up in a gut-wrench and slams Orton for another 2. Cesaro hits shots in the corner but the ref pulls him off. Orton moves in the corner and rolls Cesaro up for 2. Cesaro quickly hits a sit-down slam for 2. Orton starts a flurry and hits a powerslam. Orton comes at Cesaro but Cesaro throws him up in the air for his Mortal Kombat Fatality-like uppercut. Orton takes back control and hits his DDT in the ropes and coils-up. The Shield enters the ring and attacks Orton as the bell rings. Ambrose and Rollins lift Orton onto Reigns shoulders for a powerbomb. They stand over Orton as we go to break.

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