TNA Impact Results - Sting Returns, Aces & 8's Member Revealed & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

- Kenny King stops Kid Kash in the back and says he remembers watching him on VHS. They both agree that they will meet each other in the finals of the X-Division tournament after winning their respective matches. Kash says he's been champ twice and holds up his fingers. King holds his up and says, "Peace" and walks off. Kash says he got half of that right.

- Aces & 8's Doc makes his way to the ring and he gets in with hammer in hand. He taunts Sting and asks where he is. Doc says it's 1.3.13 but he doesn't feel like a marked man like Sting suggested. Doc flips his demeanor as he stares at his hammer and screams that Sting is wasting his time. We go to a wide shot as a bat falls in the ring from the ceiling. Doc goes crazy as he masks his fear with anger and tells Sting to "Come on!" We cut to a sudden commercial.

- Brooke Hogan arrives in the back and she is hounded by the interviewer. She says she hasn't talked to her dad since she "kissed Bully" but says she is on her way to see him and we'll see what happens on TV just like we always do.

X-Division Tournament: Christian York vs. Kid Kash

Kash attacks York immediately before York even enters the ring all the way. Kash hits a springboard Hurricanrana from inside the ring to the floor. York comes back and hits an Enzuigiri from the apron and a big boot to the face in the ring. York throws Kash from a half nelson. Kash regains the advantage and goes for a moonsault in the corner but York gets his knees up and gets 2. Kash gets 2 off an inside cradle. They trade counters and York hits a Mood Swing out of nowhere for the win.

Winner by pin: Christian York

- Chavo & Hernandez are in the back. Chavo cuts a promo and says Joey Ryan always hides behind someone but Chavo has his own big man in Hernandez. He says they aren't afraid of anybody.

- Back from a break as Chavo and Hernandez come to the ring. Matt Morgan is introduced with Joey Ryan. Morgan has a sling on his right arm and he says he was injured throwing weights around and offers a reluctant Joey Ryan to take his place.

Hernandez vs. Joey Ryan

Hernandez takes control with a backbreaker and Morgan distracts him from the floor. Morgan enters the ring and hits the discus clothesline with the 'hurt' arm to Hernandez and a Carbon Footprint to Chavo. The finish is not announced.

- Hulk Hogan is on his way to the ring.

- Kurt Angle, Wes Briscoe, Garrett Bischoff, and Samoa Joe are in the locker room. Garrett and Wes want to be in their corner and Kurt tries to tell them that it's a cage match and that he and Joe got it. Kurt calms Joe down and says Garrett and Wes are just trying to help. Kurt tells Joe he doesn't know what is up with Sting but he made a resolution to unmask every member of Aces & 8's and it begins tonight. Joe and Kurt shake.

- Gail Kim, Tessmacher, Tara, and Mickie James stretch in the back.

- We go to a video package of the Bully-Brooke situation.

- Hulk Hogan makes his entrance to the Impact Zone and he looks all business. Hogan says he's sorry for missing the show last week but he was caught off-guard when he saw Brooke and Bully kissing. He invites Bully and also Brooke to the ring. Brooke and Bully walk down side by side and get in the ring. Hogan says he's been trying to figure out the real Bully for months. He simply asks Brooke and Bully, "Why?" Bully tells him that he should have come clean about Brooke. Hogan says he's been trying to tell everyone who will listen that Bully is no good and doesn't even belong in the business. Hogan says if it was 20 years ago then this would already be done but now as the GM, he will suspend him and he tells Brooke to get the hell out of his ring too. Bully and Brooke leave in disbelief. Bully asks Brooke what is wrong with her father as they walk up the ramp.

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