TNA Impact Results - Sting Returns, Aces & 8's Member Revealed & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

TNA Impact Results - Sting Returns, Aces & 8's Member Revealed & More, Sound Off With Your Thoughts
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- Impact begins with a recap of recent weeks. The voice-over guy says, "It's 1.3.13. Will Sting get vengeance on Aces & 8's?"

- Pyro goes off with crowd shots. JB is in the ring to present the award for the 2012 TNA Wrestler of the Year. A loud "Hardy" chant breaks out. JB introduces the finalists and they come on the stage one by one. Bully Ray followed by James Storm; they fist-bump. Austin Aries is out next and then Bobby Roode. The last wrestler is Jeff Hardy and he comes out to an ovation. A drum roll plays as JB begins to read the winner. Aries and Roode argue down the ramp as both think they have won. JB announces Jeff Hardy as the winner to the chagrin of Aries and Roode. Hardy slaps hands with Storm and walks down past Aries and Roode and gets in the ring to accept his trophy.

Hardy begins to give a speech and says this means as much as the title to him but an angry Bobby Roode gets in the ring and has something to say about it. Aries gets in the ring and says this is rigged. They crowd tries to drown him out with "Hardy" chants. Aries and Roode both put an elbow on the trophy and claim it as their own. Hardy stops the back-and-forth and says that at Genesis he will face them both for the title. He flubs the line and says that 2012 will be the year of the enigma. Roode and Aries both attack Hardy from behind. Hardy ducks and Aries hits Roode with the trophy. Hardy gives the Twist of Fate to Aries and holds up his bent trophy.

- We go to the back as James Storm is interrupted by Kazarian and Daniels who imitate his accent about being down on his luck. Storm cuts a promo on them dropping social media names like kicking them in their Twitter and punching them in the Facebook. We go to break.

- James Storm is in the ring as we return, awaiting Kazarian and Daniels. Daniels takes off his jacket and it appears he will face Storm. Kaz jumps Storm from behind and the bell rings.

James Storm vs. Kazarian

Storm comes back and throws Kazarian out of the ring. Storm stalks Daniels on the floor and Kaz gets the upper hand. Daniels kicks Storm in the aisle behind the ref's back and sends him back in. Storm makes a comeback and hits the Closing Time and a Russian Leg Sweep. Storm hits an elbow from up top to Kaz halfway across the ring. Daniels involvement allows Kaz to hit a vicious front dropkick to Storm in the corner. Storm fights him off with another Closing Time and looks for the Last Call but Daniels gets on the apron and Storm hits the Enzuigiri. Storm hits the Last Call to Kaz in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: James Storm

- We go to Aces & 8's as Devon continues to convince Mr. Anderson to join their team. There are girls everywhere and Anderson says he really is enjoying the recruitment process as one girl strokes a beer bottle in his lap. Doc is pissed and he says Sting returns tonight and they need an answer now. Anderson says they need to make sure that none of them show Sting an ounce of fear. Devon laughs and Anderson hands Doc his hammer. They go to find what Sting has to offer and Devon can't find his bat.

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