Rhino Talks Time With TNA & His Departure, Extreme Rising, Learning From Flair, WWE One Night Stand

Rhino Talks Time With TNA & His Departure, Extreme Rising, Learning From Flair, WWE One Night Stand
Raj Giri of WrestlingINC.com recently spoke with former WWE / ECW / TNA Superstar Rhino about the upcoming Extreme Rising event from the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, December 29th. You can purchase tickets for the event or get more information at ExtremeRising.com.

Fans worldwide can watch the event -- which features a fully loaded card, title tournament finals, a title match to crown the first ever champion, as well as a cage match -- by ordering the iPPV VOD now at HighSpots.com by clicking here.

In the second part of our interview below, Rhino discusses his time with TNA, why he left, the differences between the WWE & TNA ECW reunion shows, his second round title tournament match with Devon Storm at Extreme Rising, why he wasn't a part of the first two Extreme Rising events and more.

You can read the first part of our interview, where Rhino talked about his time with ECW and WWE, Vince McMahon interrupting his match with Tajiri at a live event, signing with TNA and more at this link.

WrestlingINC: While you were in TNA, you were teaming with Team 3D and Jesse Neal and then Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan came in and that angle was dropped. What was your reaction when you heard that they would be coming in?

Rhino: I was happy because I always liked Eric, I always got a lot with him. And with Vince Russo, I liked working with Vince because he understood how I worked. He'd give me a sheet of paper on the promo and then, I'd go 'OK, what's very necessary? What are the bullet points?'

Me personally, and it's my own fault, when I get a shoot for a promo or something, it's just the way I was trained, I have a hard time reading it word for word because I feel like I'm supposed to deliver it how they say it. I just did a promo the other day and a guy handed me something for this little company in Ohio. He said a word I would never use for my character. Me as a person -- like, I think it was that the last time I was in the ring, I had a stellar performance or something like that. [Laughs.]

Yeah, if my character started wearing pink and started to enjoy the company of the same sex a lot to where it's questionable, maybe I might say that. I think you know what type of character I'm talking about. But, I'm trying to be PC in this interview. [Laughs.] But it's one of those things where Vince Russo and I, you know, he would deliver it how my character would deliver it.

But, I thought it was going to be good and then the next thing you know, I'm doing house shows. The thing is, and I'm not just saying this because you hear a lot about how so and so drew money, but every time I'd go over, I'd get the biggest reaction. It was because I was on TV for so long and people really like my style. I don't know if they identify with it, but they just really enjoy my style. They chant for my finish. How many people in the ring have people chant for their finish?

So, I was on all the house shows even before that and they just never did anything on TV. That's one of the things that I never understood about the agent reports. It's very important, but the writers aren't there to see and feel the crowd. They can see on paper that this guys over or that guys over, but until you see and feel the fans...

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