Mick Foley On If Austin And Rock Would Be Stars With Scripted Promos, Australian Tour, New Book

Foley: Well, we're going to see how that works. When we did Montreal, Brendon went first and interacted a little bit. I liken it to the stuff Roddy Piper and I did in Chicago where we just kind of riffed off each other. Kind of like musicians jamming. So, I actually never left the stage.

Roddy came out and he did some great stories and people really enjoyed it. I think they enjoyed the kind of spontaneous stuff that came out. Brendon and I might do a little bit of that. We'll do a Q&A, these people really enjoy asking questions. I usually save them the trouble and say, 'Yeah, it did hurt when The Undertaker threw me off of the cell.'

We'll work that out and we'll see what happens. The show will I'm sure change greatly from the first night in Perth to the last night in Melbourne.

WrestlingINC: Your book, A Most Mizerable Christmas... I received a review copy and I've been reading it to my girls. I was surprised it took you this long to write another Christmas book considering it's your favorite holiday. What made you finally decide to do it?

Foley: You know, you can't just write these. I mean, I could write one but it's hard to have something published. It's really difficult, you know. I could have self-published. But, when I saw I was coming back to WWE, one of my main objectives was to do another children's book.

I had this story in mind for a long time expect I had conceived it with Mr. McMahon as the evil mayor of a town full of greed that catches wind of a kid in town who believes he has enough and doesn't need anything for Christmas and it just outrages him.

Then, with WWE getting involved with B A Star, I decided instead to put it in a class room and have The Miz as the big heel who gets really upset at a kid who claims he has enough.

WrestlingINC: You've written non-fiction, fiction and children's books now. Do you have a preference?

Foley: Well, I mean, I've enjoyed all of them. A children's book doesn't require nearly the commitment. You get a good idea, you get inspired and you write it over the course of several days. Whereas, with the novels, you live with them for months. The memoirs are sort of all-encompassing stuff. Honestly, I think the world spoke with sales figures and told me that three memoirs was actually enough. [Laughs.]

So, I really enjoyed this one and I love that fact that, unlike the other ones, I can go into a class room and really make an impact. Anecdotally, there are kids that are actually changing their behavior after having the book read to them, which I can't say Tietam Brown or even Have A Nice Day would do to bullies.

WrestlingINC: With ten books now, do you have any more on the horizon or are you taking a break for a little bit after this one?

Foley: Well, my goal with this one is just hoping that it would do well enough so that I could do another one. I mean, I really do believe strongly in what WWE is doing with B A Star and it worked so well. The kid in the class room and the WWE superstars and divas become really good kid's characters. Just by drawing them as children. So, I'm hoping to have a Halloween book and hopefully this will be the first in a series of many.

That's kind of how I conceived Tales From Wrescal Lane and then when it came out in 2004, it didn't fare so well. You don't do follow ups to failures. That's why you don't see any Al Snow and Mick Foley tag teams. [Laughs.] Maybe the New Rockers, but there's no New New Rockers. There's no New New Blackjacks. You don't really follow up something that doesn't really work well.

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