Mick Foley On If Austin And Rock Would Be Stars With Scripted Promos, Australian Tour, New Book

Though he's not like a household name here, he's one of the cult comics and he loves wrestling. The idea for him that he gets to do wrestling material is something he's wanted to do for years. He does a lot of socially conscious stuff and he's very, very intelligent. But he loves giving his take on wrestling. It is intelligent stuff but it is hilarious.

It's not for the easily offended. He's gets out there and he'll get a little rougher with the language than I do. But we just met along the way. He came and did a guest set at one of my shows and we clicked immediately. We decided to do some shows together.

WrestlingINC: What do you think is most different about performing here in the U.S. versus overseas? Do you have to change your set quite a bit?

Foley: I haven't performed in Australia so we'll see. It's like doing (wrestling) shows, every crowd is a little bit different. In comedy, you have to factor in the alcohol content. When I'm doing my U.K. tour -- and we're going to be announcing my U.K. tour in a couple of days and that goes from April 26th through May 12th I think. One of the things I'm trying to figure out is how do we make people know that this is not an event that they should be hammered for.

When you're hammered, you lose that sense of subtly. My fans, they don't heckle as much as they just randomly yell out people's names and that's not helpful. So, we're trying to do the meets-and-greets after the shows for example so people don't have two hours to get stewed.

It's a lot of experimentation and see what they're buying. It reminds me of when Sting and I did a comedic falls count anywhere match down in Georgia. At a certain point, they clearly weren't buying it. So, we just went the opposite direction. We called the audible and went with a more hardcore match that people loved. So, some nights you do that with wrestling. You have to balance your wrestling and non-wrestling material. You do the best that you can and every night is a learning experience.

WrestlingINC: You mentioned wrestling and improvising. In comedy, how often do you get to improvise?

Foley: Quite a bit. I settled into a routine where I would do two of the same stories every night. They were kind of like my go-to stories. But, I've retired them now. So, I've got to find a couple more go-to stories. That would be like my high spots in wrestling.

The rest of it, you know, you have some things you're working on. Some stories that maybe transpired in the location. Like, I hadn't told the Al Snow suplex story in ages. Then, I was in Montreal and I was like, 'Man, I haven't been in Montreal since that event took place.' I figured that that's a natural. There may be people that think it's an old story. Hey, they're wrestling stories. In some cases, the conclusions are known -- people do know how these things turn out it's just a matter of making them very interesting.

I broke out the cookie story for the first time since a college Q&A ten years ago. I reloaded for the stage and it did not work really well. It's just trying to figure out what works in the scripted atmosphere and what happens and what takes place with the interaction with the crowd. Some nights are better than others just like in the ring. But, you're always looking to do your best possible show.

WrestlingINC: Will you and Brendon Burns be performing together or is it one after the other?

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