Re-Post - TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Storm leaps into his corner and makes the tag to AJ who turns it up. AJ hits a nice neckbreaker on Daniels and flies off with a forearm. AJ goes to leap onto Kaz on the floor but he lands hard on the floor. Daniels goes and brings AJ back in. They take care of Storm on the outside and continue to double team AJ. Storm takes Kaz out on the floor and tags himself in. Storm hits the Last Call on Daniels in the ring.

Winners by pin: AJ Styles & James Storm

AJ slips out of the ring immediately and looks dejected.

-We go back to Hogan's office. He wants someone to turn things up tonight in the ring. Ion tries to kiss up. Kid Kash says he is one of the toughest guys in the company. He says he's already beaten Hardy. Hogan wants to hear from Aries. Aries makes his case. We go to break.

-Samoa Joe responds to Devon's challenge in the back. He says Devon abandoned the TV Title because he couldn't handle it. It wasn't stolen. He accepts the challenge for next week.

-Douglas Williams comes to the ring. Joey Ryan stops on the ramp and tells Christy Hemme to go make him a sandwich. He proceeds to introduce his tag partner, Matt Morgan.

Matt Morgan vs. Douglas Williams

Morgan is wearing Hogan's old robe he wore against Andre the Giant at Shea Stadium. Morgan starts off strong against Williams. Morgan works Williams over in the corner and drops him in a side slam. Morgan stops and glares at the hard camera. Williams tries to fight back but gets caught in a chokeslam. Morgan is slow and methodical. Morgan measures Williams and connects with the Carbon Footprint for the win.

Winner by pin: Matt Morgan

-D-Lo and Bruce Prichard try to locate Al Snow in the back. D-Lo offers to fill in for Snow's Gut Check decision. We go to commercial.

-We return to the ring for the Gut Check results. Borash welcomes Wes Briscoe to the ring. Bruce Prichard asks for the mic and says Al Snow is conspicuous by his absence and nobody has heard from him. He says D-Lo is taking his place. Bruce says he has traveled the world with Wes' father and he has watched him grow into a man. Bruce says his performance wasn't the greatest, but he says yes. Taz also puts Wes over and says it means a great deal that Angle has vouched for him. He, however, respectfully says no. Borash lets Wes cut a promo to convince D-Lo. Wes thanks both Taz and Bruce. He says since he was a little kid, he wanted to be in this ring. He says he's doing this for his family and fans. He gets teary-eyed as he says he's doing it for his uncle Jack. He fights back tears as he asks D-Lo for a chance. D-Lo pauses as the crowd chants, "YES!" D-Lo thanks Taz and Bruce for the opportunity. He says Wes' match left him conflicted. He says if he is good enough for Bruce Prichard, then Wes is good enough for him. He says yes. Wes is beside himself with excitement as Garret Bischoff and Kurt Angle come down to congratulate him.

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