Welcome to the WrestlingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

We begin this week with the question, "Do you like pie?" We will have a pie-eating contest today but firstů

We go to the ring for El Local. Josh Mathews welcomes us to the show. He is flanked by R-Truth. Justin Gabriel is out next.

El Local vs. Justin Gabriel

They go back and forth with counters, move for move. The action spills to the apron, EL Local drops Gabriel in the ring but we don't see the impact. El Local hits a suplex and gets 2. El Local works the left arm of Gabriel. Gabriel fights out and hits a monkey flip that is kind of botched. Gabriel hits a shoulderblock off the corner and runs up Local's back and flips like Spiderman. Gabriel hits a sit-down powerbomb for 2. Gabriel hits a moonsault out of the corner and hooks the far leg for the win.

Winner by pin: Justin Gabriel

-3rd Degree: What are you thankful for?
Eve is thankful for her friends and family. Drew McIntyre is thankful for 3MB and the beautiful music they bring to the world. Mick Foley says great hair, one ear, winning smile. Santino like the companionship the Cobra brings him. Dolph Ziggler is basically thankful for being a gift to the world while staying humble through the whole thing.

-We segue into clips of previous WWE Thanksgiving feasts with pie. We see Miz in front of a black curtain as he welcomes us to the pie eating contest. He welcomes R-Truth and Little Jimmy, Santino, and Zack Ryder. They are seated at a table. Miz says they have one minute to eat as many pies as they can. They start to bury their faces into the pies. Miz calls stop. Miz determines Santino as the winner. Ryder and Truth get up and pie-face Santino. Miz leaves and a food fight ensues. Brodus Clay shows up with the Funkadactyls and says you can't have a party with him. Santino has a sugar-rush and falls out. We go to break.

-3MB walk to the ring. The Uso's make their entrance.

The Uso's vs. 3MB (Mahal & Slater) w/ McIntyre

Slater has added eyeliner to his look and it fits well with the gimmick. Slater starts with Jey, I believe. Slater gets the best of Uso and goes to his corner where Jinder Mahal starts to play guitar with Slater's body as Slater plays air-guitar. Jey and Slater go back and forth. Jey gets the upper-hand and does some break dancing and tags in Jimmy for some double teaming. They launch both Slater and Mahal to the floor. We go to commercial.

-Antonio Cesaro brings us this week's PSA to not try this at home.

-We're back to action in the ring. Mahal gets a 2 on Jimmy. Mahal continues to cut the ring off and tags Slater in. Drew goes to the announce booth and starts bragging at Truth and Josh that this is tag team wrestling. Truth very comically asks Josh who he's talking to. Josh says Drew was referring to Truth & Kofi's team. Truth says Drew was talking to Little Jimmy, not him. Jimmy turns it up against Slater and leaps to make the tag to Jey. Jey explodes on Slater with a flurry. Jey hits the Running Stinkface on Slater and drags him to the center but Mahal breaks the pin. Jimmy comes in and takes care of Mahal. Jey goes up top and avoids Drew on the apron but Slater runs up out of nowhere and powerslams Jey off the top and makes the cover for the nice finish.

Winners by pin: 3MB

3MB celebrate in the ring as we go off the air.

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