Shane Douglas Talks Turning Down TNA, Tonight's Extreme Rising IPPV, Matt Hardy, More

He's hungry, he's got a fire burning, and he's been putting in some really great and inspired performances. So, for me, it was exciting to even have the prospects of getting in the ring with a guy like that, that is that hungry after being written off my so many people.

WrestlingINC: Yeah, I agree 100%. I think he's done a phenomenal job over the last year of pulling his life back together.

Douglas: Kudos to him for that. Let's face it, in this business, how many people have we lost to addiction? How many careers have been lost to that and lives have been lost to it? To see somebody of Matt's caliber not taking it for granted but showing that he's got a lot more gas left in the tank...Kudos to him and respect to him that he's been able to do it because I know how difficult it is. If it were easy, I don't think we'd have near the death toll that we have in this business.

Kudos to the fact that he can show other people that are in that same situation that it can be done and you can be well-received on the other side coming out of it. All the respect in the world to Matt.

WrestlingINC: I have one last question for you. We've been in the business for years now, you've kind of seen it all. What are your thoughts on the business today and where it's going? How much longer do you expect to be a part of it?

Douglas: Well, I mean, I've spent this much time in the business, I must be fairly decent at it. Obviously, I'm very passionate about it. If I had my way, I'd be involved in the wrestling business until they put me in a box. And I hope that's a long way off. I love the wrestling business. I am a mark for the business when it's done properly. There's nothing else I'd rather watch than a great, strong, professional wrestling card when it's done right.

I could not be more turned off the product that the big companies giving us right now and have been giving us. I want to be inspired by what I'm watching and I haven't been. And I want to under score this, I'm not blaming the young talent for it. It's the scripts that are literally being handed to them and they're being told, 'Read this and nothing else. Go out and do this and nothing else.' These poor kids that have all the talent in the world are being painted into a corner. They don't even know their own characters.

'The Franchise' is not a real person. 'The Franachise' is a character that I played for 20-plus years. But, I can tell you as if he were a real person the kind of food he likes, what his taste in women is, what kind of books he reads, how he'd vote, what kind of movies he likes and dislikes as if he were a real person. I fleshed that character out over 20-plus years. These kids don't even know their own characters because it's just regurgitating a script and somebody elses take on what that character is.

When you watch the show, at least I can see that very, very clearly. It's what I call the 'deer in the headlights' look. They get that feeling of what should I do next instead of just organically flowing with it because they know that character. You can see in their brain, they're saying, 'What should I do. What would the next thing be?'

For somebody who's fleshed the character out and who's comfortable with the character, that's never a thought any more than it is to you when you're talking to somebody or walking up the stairs. You don't have to think about each time to pick your leg up and go to the next one. Your body just goes through it. [COULDN'T UNDERSTAND.] An organic character that's fleshed out the proper way should be the same thing.

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