Shane Douglas Talks Turning Down TNA, Tonight's Extreme Rising IPPV, Matt Hardy, More

The fans were -- I mean, it was universal. They were looking at me and thanking me and telling me how much this reminded them of what they used to see in the old ECW. I knew at that point that we were on the right track. We just got to keep pushing the envelope forward in that direction and not resting on our laurels. Not saying, 'Hey, we've done it right now. Now, we've got the forumla and we know how to do it.'

Every single match we've got on Saturday, we're taking every single precaution we can. We're working overtime to refine go over the card and redo the card and looking over it to see if there's anything that we can do to make it better, to make it more compelling to the fans on iPPV. Just hoping we can be on all cylanders. I think if we can re-create what we did in June at the Corona and Philadelphia shows, I think it'll be another big step for Extreme as we go forward and pull it out of the ashes.

WrestlingINC: What is the plan going forward? I think a lot of people when they first heard of the first show, that this was going to be just a tour, a final ECW reunion tour. Now, it's looking like it might be more than that, almost a promotion. What's the plan right now?

Douglas: Well, the plan had always been from it's inception to take it on one initial loop around the original ECW towns including; Philadelphia and New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Poughkeepsie, Cleveland, Chicago and Fort Lauderdale. Take it through the original ECW loop, presenting it to the fans as an homage to what ECW had achieved and accomplished. But, the bigger of the two eyes, looking forward, as we segue from the legendary names of ECW into the new names and the new generation of extreme warriors at Extreme Rising.

I said from the beginning, this was not about giving us original guys another platform to have another go-around in the business. It was to use us to present the product to the fans and open their eyes to these new talents that we think can be the next generation. In doing that, providing one small taste of the past, then looking forward and moving to the next thing.

There are no plans to make it a second go-around for us. That said, you see Sabu in the shape that he's in, if he can stay on the wagon, and keep himself to where he can give the performances he's capable of giving -- there will always be room whether it's in the ring as an on-air talent or, for those people like Jerry Lynn who's wrapping his career up -- there will always be some place for Jerry Lynn at Extreme Rising. Whether it's as an agent, as a writer, someone to help the younger talent.

I have always respected Jerry Lynn and think he's one of the most overlooked talents in our business. We can always use someone that has the gifts that jerry Lynn has.

So, what I'm hoping for from my generation of guys, from my class, that we can use us to provide the foundation. Give these kids spotlight. Let's face it: Shane Douglas doesn't need the spotlight anymore or Sabu. We've all had that and been blessed with it. It's not time to shine that light on that next generation.

WrestlingINC: Is that behind the reason for the name-change from Extreme Reunion to Extreme Rising?

Douglas: Yeah. The first one is always meant to be like the inaugural show. So, we used the name 'Reunion' by design to let the fans know that this was the bringing back together of all these names and faces.

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