Shane Douglas Talks Turning Down TNA, Tonight's Extreme Rising IPPV, Matt Hardy, More

But to say that the show sucked because of it, I disagree. To say that the show wasn't a solid show, I disagree. It wasn't what we wanted to put forward especially when I had gone out for four months before that saying, that was the precise thing we weren't going to let happen. Yet, it still did happen.

I learned something in the process. I can't baby sit 45-50-year-old men, nor will I. But what I can do is keep them close enough so that if I see somebody in that position, they will not get a second opportunity. Sabu is getting the second opportunity because he did the exact right thing. After what happened, he didn't come out and make excuses and say it wasn't his fault or whatever. He went right into rehab and sent me a very long e-mail apologizing and saying that he was never so embarrassed in his entire career. And that he was going to fix it.

That's what he attempted to do in going to rehab. He didn't go for the 10 or 20 days stay. Or even 30 -- he stayed the entire 45 days and took full advantage of it and showed us the committment that we needed. A coherent Sabu can still be a strong assett for Extreme Rising. But, an incoherent Sabu can't be of use to anybody including himself.

With Justin Credible -- who I think the world of. I think he's an incredible talent, he's a great guy. I really respect what he brings to the table. But since the April event when that happened, he's not attempted once that I'm aware of to fix the problem and solve it.

It makes me angry -- not mad personally -- but angry because Justin Credible is still young enough that if he would get his head out of the clouds and fix this problem and save his life, he still could make a nice chunk of change for the rest of his career. He's still young enough. Why he won't do that is beyond me. I can't figure it out and I pray for him that if for nothing else he does it for himself to save his own life. Having been through it, I know how difficult it is. I'm not judging anybody, it just makes me so angry because the kid has so much to offer and still could have a good run in him.

WrestlingINC: Absolutely. You guys did the second show in June and that one was pretty much universally acclaimed. People seemed to really enjoy it. Were there a lot of changes that you guys made behind the scenes or was it just people taking responsibility for themselves?

Douglas: Both cases, affirmatively. We took every precaution we possibly could took make sure that it didn't happen again. That's the thing, though, you can't universally guarantee it. I can't guarantee that this Saturday one of the guys won't show up inebriated. What I can guarantee you is that if they do, they'll be thrown out of the back of the building by his back. We took every precaution we possibly could.

I was proud of the guys that they didn't go in there, even after the negative press that came after the first show, they didn't come in with a down mood and not even try. They came in there with that old ECW attitude -- this where we were, this is what happened and by gosh, we're going to shove it up all the critics' rear ends and were going to prove them wrong. And they did that.

The fans were receptive of it. For me, it was much more comfortable because I wasn't worried about a performance. I could devote 110% of my time and attention to the product. In doing that, I really caught myself, like a mark, watching the show and enjoying it. But to watch the fans walking around the building -- I didn't watch the monitor, I was staying out as much as I could with the fans and watching it -- it feels like if I was in a match. Get the feel from the building. What are they seeing? How is it playing out here staring right at the match, not at the monitor.

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