New Jack Talks Extreme Rising, Fight With Balls Mahoney, Problems With First Event, More

We're not in competition with Vince again, we're not in competition with TNA. They're on TV, we run every three or four months. This is just something for fans to come out if they want to come out and see it and for us to put on a good show. Again, we're not trying to compare to them, we're not trying to run against them. There's no competition. We're not on TV.

WrestlingINC: You mentioned the April show. After the April show, did you think there was going to be another one?

New Jack: Yeah, I knew there was. We all got together and said, 'We got to do another one. ... We're going to do another one to make them know.' Because everybody sh-tted on that show. From the fans to the boys in the locker room, everybody was like, 'Man, that sucked.' We had to do another one.

I didn't care if it was in a parking lot in Philadelphia where the Eagles play, we were going to do another show. I felt after that June show, as the months went on and we kept pushing that date back and changing, I thought that maybe we need to stop now. Because everybody was just waiting for us to be a clusterf-ck. And at some point, it was. I mean, you had people coming into the locker room drunk and pilled up -- Justin Credible, Sabu just to name a few. Balls Mahoney and Axl's stupid ass. Messing with drugs and all pilled up and acting all f-cking retarded.

I'm like, OK, we're the ones that are supposed to show these guys, the younger guys, what to do. We're supposed to be leaders of them and this isn't a good example to come in here stoned out of your mind. Basically, they're looking like, 'Well, sh-t, you're just an old drunk.' Or, 'You're still doing pills, you're still doing acid or heroin.' You know what I'm saying?

I was pissed off about it, totally pissed off about it. But out of all the guys that did drugs out of the original guys, New Jack was the only one that wasn't pilled up or drunk. That wasn't necessarily true, but I was close. My ambition was to help these young guys out. Besides getting paid for it, that's the only reason I'm there. That's it.

WrestlingINC: When the promotion kind of started, it appeared to be just an ECW reunion show. Is this kind of moving away from that? Are you kind of becoming your own niche or is it still just re-living the ECW days a little bit?

New Jack: For the guys that were there during that time, OK, yeah. Because I've been asking, 'OK, are you guys going to be doing this for a while and when are y'all going to get a name?' Because Extreme Rising ain't going to rise but so many times. You know what I'm saying?

It's no comparison. You can't compare it to what we did -- there's no comparison. I don't care, the whole atmosphere is different. The whole look of watching a DVD now and watching it back in the day, it's a whole different look, a whole different vibe. A lot of the people now really didn't know about what we were doing. They'd hear about it. But, I mean, I saw people get up, put their hands over their ears and leave because of what I was doing before I was in the ring. They'd be like, 'You said f-ck?' 'Yeah, I did.'

They really weren't prepared for that. Now, it's like, 'OK, are we going to continue to do what we did,' pr whatever. I'm not trying to scare anybody away from our product but I still got to give them what ECW stood for. They say, 'You can't use the letters ECW.' Yeah...but we can. We might not use the letters but I'll say them. You ain't going to throw this gag order sh-t on me that Vince is trying to give to everybody. Vince is like, 'I own the letters.' No, you don't.

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