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A video recap of CM Punk's feud with Triple H aired.

CM Punk's music hit and he got a big pop. He then went to the ring with a new T-Shirt depicting him on a WWE ice cream bar. Michael Cole is losing his voice. He entered the ring to "CM Punk" chants. He sat in the ring for several moments before Triple H's music hit.

The Game headed to the ring looking as big as ever. While he did the spitting the water out on the apron, Punk nailed Triple H from behind and the match is underway.

No DQ Match
Triple H vs. CM Punk (If Triple H Loses, He Must Quit As COO)

Punk took the match to HHH right off the bat, and sent him over the barricade. He went to setup the announce table, but HHH charged at him and threw him into the ring and back out. Triple H then threw Punk around at ringside and got him on the announce table and went for a pedigree. Punk got out and went for the GTS, but HHH pushed him off and Punk went unto the ring and invited HHH in.

Triple H got in the ring and he and Punk started trading punches, with Punk getting the better of it. HHH kneed Punk in the gut and then landed a barrage of punches. He went for a pedigree, but Punk pushed his into a corner and rammed his shoulder in HHH's midsection repeatedly. He then missed a knee in the corner, which sent him outside.

The two continued to brawl outside the ring. They fought in the stands and Punk nailed HHH in the head with a trash can and threw him into a steel guard rail. They fought up to the stage, and Punk landed forearms to Triple H's face. Triple H got Punk's legs and slingshotted him onto a short screen at the top of the stage. Shortly after, Punk body dropped HHH over the screen.

Punk threw some sandbags onto HHH and then beat on The Game down the aisle towards the ring. Punk nailed HHH with a kick and got him in the ring. Punk then introduced a chair in the ring and nailed HHH with it and did a crotch chop, before covering him for a two count. Punk then placed the chair in the corner between the ropes and charged at HHH, but was met with a spinebuster. HHH got a two count and then threw Punk into the corner into the chair, sending Punk to the outside. HHH then clipped Punk outside of the ring. It's just Booker T and Lawler on commentary now, and it's much better.

Triple H wrapped Punk's legs on the post and nailed him with a chair on the knee. Triple H did the crotch chop and went for a figure four outside the ring, but Punk pushed him off into the steel steps. HHH got a monitor, but Punk kicked him in the head, sending HHH on top of the Spanish announce table. Punk went inside the ring and climbed to the top rope and planted HHH with a Randy Savage flying elbow, which sent them both through the table! Crazy spot!

Both men got back in the ring, and R-Truth and The Miz hit the ring and attacked both Punk and Triple H. Miz planted HHH with a SCF, and Truth hit his finisher on Punk. They then put Punk on top of HHH and the referee went to count. 1... 2... kick out! Miz and Truth are pissed and get in the referee's face. Miz pushes the ref and pie faces him. The ref sticks his finger in Miz's chest. Miz goes to punch the ref, but the ref blocked it and punched Miz! Truth attacked the referee from behind and Truth and Miz went on to deliver a beat down on the ref and then sent him outside of the ring.

John Lauranitis walked down the aisle, and Truth and Punk recovered and cleared the ring with the heels. Triple H then hit a pedigree on Punk and covered him, but there was no ref. A ref ran down from the back, but Lauranitis stopped him and had him tend to the injured ref. Punk then got HHH in the GTS and covered, and Lauranitis sent him in the ring. 1... 2... Truth broke up the count. It's just chaos right now.

Punk nailed Truth with the GTS outside the ring and went for a flying clothesline, but HHH nailed Punk in the gut and hit a pedigree. 1... 2... kickout!

Kevin Nash came through the crowd and entered the ring. Nash then punched both Punk and Triple H. He then started attacking HHH in the corner, nailing him with knees and forearms before finally going for the jackknife. Punk stopped it and went after Nash, but Nash ended up planting Punk with the powerbomb.

Nash then went outside of the ring where HHH was laying and floored him with a clothesline. Nash then got the announcers table setup, but HHH blindsided him and floored him with a sledgehammer. HHH then slowly got back into the ring as Punk slowly made his way back to his feet. HHHH then hit Punk with the pedigree and got the three count. Really good, wild match.

Triple H pinned CM Punk.

The referee raises Triple H's hand as the show went off the air.

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