Source: TMZ

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, December 6th, 2010 (USA Network)
Location: The KFC YUM! Center in Louisville, Ky.
Results by Thomas Hall of 411

"Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…"

The opening theme hits and HERE WE GO!

We're back to the regular two hours of shows here as it's the week between the King of the Ring and the Slammys. The main thing tonight is the explanation from Cole as to why he cost King the WWE Title last week which should be most interesting. Let's get to it.

We open with a highlight package of the TLC match from last week where Cole flat out cost Lawler the title. Punk and Lawler are on commentary without Cole. Punk praises Lawler for trying last week and here's Cole.

Cole says that he's been Miz's biggest supporter for years and that when Miz won the title it was like his own son won it. He apologizes profusely for what happened and Lawler says he's going to come in there and finish what he started last week.

Cole then blames Jerry, saying that Lawler had to have the spotlight one more time and that he was trying to be the King again. According to Cole, Lawler should apologize to him.

We get an E-Mail and since Cole is in the ring, Punk answers it. He says he's nervous because he's always wanted to do this. The GM has issued a cease and desist order and if it's violated them someone will be terminated. Lawler must shake Cole's hand.

Very slowly Jerry gets in and does shake his hand but says there's someone that has something for Cole. Cue Orton's music to a solid pop. Orton says he has a message for Miz. He doesn't blame him for cashing in and would have done the same thing.

Orton says he and The Miz are a lot alike but Orton has proven that he can back up what he says in the ring. He's going to take back the championship tonight. I knew I should have gone to this show!

Here are Miz and Riley. Miz says Orton used to be original but now he's just stale. They were in the same MITB match in the summer and now he's world champion while Orton is nothing. Since he defended last week he doesn't have to do so again until the TLC PPV against Orton.

Orton wants to know where the seven guys are to beat up Orton. Riley isn't even one guy apparently. Alex challenges Orton to a match later which is accepted. Miz gets to pick the match type for the PPV which he hasn't decided on yet. Orton says that even on one knee there's something he can do, and with that he RKO's Cole to send us to commercial.

Back from a break and Josh Matthews is now on commentary.

Ted DiBiase/Maryse vs. Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella

Before the match we see Daniel Bryan coming out of a locker room with Brie Bella. Nikki comes up and seems rather jealous. I'm liking where this is going. The guys start us off and here comes Nikki. The Bellas are looking very good tonight in red. Punk says he's seeing double. There's a Foreigner song in there somewhere.

Bryan beats on Ted for a few seconds before the girls come in. Maryse gets beaten on for a bit. Ted comes in for the save and it's a big brawl a minute and a half in. There's the Twin Magic and Nikki rolls up Maryse for the pin at 2:12.

Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella b. Ted DiBiase/Maryse – Rollup to Maryse @ 2:12

Rating: N/A. Way too short to mean anything at all as this was just a backdrop to set up the post match angle. Nothing special but the girls looked good so there's always that.

Post match Ted yells at Maryse again and is told to talk to the hand.

Fatal fourway elimination match for the tag titles later and an interview with Wade Barrett.

Back from a break we recap the Cena and Nexus angle from last week along with Truth's involvement with it. I'm not sure where that aspect of it is going but I don't see it going well. I'd also still like to know why Cena needed five tickets for one seat. Cena said he would be here tonight.

We go live via satellite to a hotel room to talk to Barrett. He's gotten one hell of a tan, one hell of a bad haircut and has gotten rid of his accent. Ah never mind it's Otunga, saying that Barrett is on his way to the arena for the tag title shot.

Otunga throws the camera out because his food is here. He complains that it's cold and throws out the deliveryman. There's a second knock on the door it's SUPER CENA TO THE RESCUE! I'm not sure what he's rescuing but it sounds good. He pounds on Otunga a bit but Harris makes the save. Otunga bails and Cena beats up Harris a bit before going after Otunga as we take a break.

David Hart Smith vs. Tyson Kidd

Wasn't this the main event of Superstars a few weeks back? This is quite the upgrade. Kidd brings out a big man with him that I don't recognize. He's huge though, towering over Smith who is a big guy in his own right. This guy is at least 7'0.

They start fast with Kidd stomping away and beating down Smith in the corner. Smith shrugs those shots off and gets an overhead belly to belly but runs into an elbow. Apparently being hit in the face by a grown man's elbow doesn't hurt Smith as he gets a delayed vertical suplex off the middle rope for two.

Kidd gets caught in the powerslam position but reverses into a rollup/victory roll for the pin at approximately 2:15. Smith goes after him again post match as there might have been tights pulled. The big man destroys Smith

Tyson Kidd b. David Hart Smith - Rollup @ 2:15

Rating: N/A. This was better than I would have expected as this flew by and was very fast paced the entire time. A key thing here is that Kidd won clean for the most part and looked good the whole time. Good stuff.

Gabriel and Slater are worried about Cena but Barrett tells them to chill. McGillicutty is out of action apparently. Otunga comes in and says Harris is hurt. Is the hotel across the street or something? Either that or Otunga is capable of flying. I doubt it though as one superhero on Raw is enough. Barrett is going to call out Cena later. Otunga says there may be a mutiny coming soon.

Apparently Kidd's big man was Jackson Andrews, a guy from FCW.

Tag Titles: Usos vs. Nexus vs. Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov vs. Mark Henry/Yoshi Tatsu

This is under elimination rules. Gabriel and Tatsu start. At the last show I was at Tatsu and Jericho tore the house down so it would be nice to see him win a title here. Spin kick gets two for Tatsu so Gabriel kicks Tatsu in some African on Asian violence. Off to Slater now with Josh picking Kozlov and Santino.

Henry comes in and is supposed to fight an Uso but they run from him. Henry is like get the hell in here and pulls Jey in by the hair. Freaking ow man! We're getting some very fast paced tagging here. Punk is talking about the Bellas vs. the Usos for some reason but since it's coming from Punk it's awesome.

Lawler brings us back to reality as Punk threatens to send Josh back to Superstars. The Usos surprisingly clean house and beat up Henry and Tatsu. Slater tags himself in and gets one of the most unrecognizable finishers of all time to get rid of Tatsu and thereby Henry at approximately 3:00.

The Usos come in and get a slingshot Samoan Drop (think 3D kind of but with a Samoan Drop ending and the guy playing D-Von lets go) for two as Gabriel saves. Kozlov comes in and runs through the Usos. The spike slam ends the Usos at approximately 4:45. Tamina stays behind with Santino.

It's Nexus vs. Kozlov/Santino for the titles. Punk keeps calling Santino Jar Jar which is amusing. Santino comes in to by far the biggest reaction in this match. Who would have guessed that he would be the most popular guy of eight men in a title match late in 2010?

They're trying to make Tamina look good and from a distance she kind of does. Then they show closeups of her and she looks a bit goo much like a diseased goat. We take a break with Nexus in control.

Back with Gabriel holding Kozlov in a front facelock. There's the hot tag to Santino who raises the roof and surprisingly cleans house to a nice pop. He hits a Stunner complete with splits as Kozlov takes out Slater. Cena pops up from under the ring and gets Gabriel's attention. The Cobra hits Gabriel and we have new champions at 12:00!

Santino Marella/Vladimir Kozlov b. Usos, Mark Henry/Yoshi Tatsu and Nexus - Cobra to Gabriel @ 12:00

Rating: C. Match was kind of boring but the ending more than makes up for that. It completely amazes me that Santino is as over as he is but given the pops he's been getting there is no reason to not put a title on him to give him some credibility. Not the best match in the world but entertaining and rather exciting so that wasn't bad at all.

Sheamus' coronation ceremony is tonight. Didn't we have that last week?

It's coronation time. Sheamus comes out in a freaky looking black cape/robe thing. He looks like a gender confused inbred offspring of Batman and Satan. Sheamus says he's better than anyone here and is better than the King of Kings, HHH. He talks about the last great High King of Ireland but that his reign will live forever.

Sheamus says he'll be remembered as the High King, not some Ronald McDonald guy or Conan O'Brien. Isn't USA owned by NBC? That has to be a lawsuit and more millions to Conan. Here's Morrison to make fun of him a bit, saying Sheamus looks like something from Lord of the Rings. He's right actually.

Sheamus says that Morrison is jealous because Sheamus has done more in two years than Morrison has done in his whole career. That's very true. Morrison says it's 1-1 in their series and he's the better man. Sheamus demands respect and says bow to your king. Could they foreshadow HHH's return any harder?

Morrison guarantees he'll never bow. Sheamus shouts GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES and gets slugged. I guess we had to prevent this from getting to TV-14 with suggestive language. Morrison cleans the ring and holds up the scepter. I like this feud.

Back with Laycool on commentary.

Natalya vs. Melina

Melina looks GREAT tonight. Natalya gets the pumpps on the vertical suplex almost immediately. Melina goes for a sunset flip but puts her knees up to drive them into the back of Natalya. Nice one. This is a back and forth match as Laycool will not shut up. Punk tries to play it straight and can't get it to work at all. Sharpshooter ends clean at 2:20.

Natalya b. Melina - Sharpshooter @ 2:20

Rating: N/A. This was FAR better than your typical Divas match as Melina got to show off a bit too. They need to find someone that can hang with Natalya and this was as close as they've gotten yet.

Laycool beats down Natalya post match.

We recap the opening segment and go to Miz and Riley in the back. Miz says Riley HAS to beat Orton tonight. He's going to show Orton the type of match they'll be having.

Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley

Orton makes his entrance and we take a break.Back and we're on. Orton has a bad knee still which may be legit from what I've heard. Miz trips him up and Riley hammers on hit but Orton uses the powers of staring to take over again. Orton is in trouble but gets an Angle Slam to break Alex's momentum.

This is rapidly turning into what you would expect it to be. Powerslam sets up the elevated DDT as it's all Orton here. Orton has his usual seizure but manages to keep his shoulder in one piece long enough for Miz to run in and hit the Skull Crushing Finale for the DQ at 2:54.

Randy Orton b. Alex Riley via DQ when Miz ran in @ 2:54

Rating: N/A. The matches have almost all been short tonight and with matches this short it's hard to give them a grade. As a rule of thumb I don't grade matches under three minutes. This was just a step ahead of a squash though, which is what it was supposed to be.

Miz grabs a mic and says he's going to show Randy what kind of a match they'll be having. He pulls out a table and sets for the Finale again but Orton fights out of it. He tries to powerslam Miz through it but the champion escapes. Orton powerbombs Riley through the table instead. Nice to see that knee is able to hold up a full grown man for a powerbomb after getting beaten on in a match.

Barrett is on his way to the ring and says something to Otunga as we take our last break.

Barrett comes out and says that he was wrong. It was supposed to be free or fired, not free or run around all over the place whenever you like. Only Barrett can get Cena rehired so the attacks on Nexus are pointless. Barrett calls out Cena who comes through the crowd as Punk calls for security.

Nexus comes out as Cena gets in the ring. Barrett says this is not going to work and Cena will never be rehired. Cena says Barrett is stupid which is funny for some reason. He lists off all he's done so far and says he has no issue with staying fired and hanging out with the WWE Universe and making Nexus' lives a living hell.

Barrett says Cena can't intimidate him and says what will Cena do if Barrett rehires him? Cena says he could do a lot of things like compete for the WWE Championship, which doesn't apply to Barrett since he doesn't have the title. Cena says if he's rehired the attacks on Nexus may stop but they won't stop on Barrett.

Cena says that Barrett knows nothing about honor or anything like that or he'd rehire him. He says he's going to make Barrett's life a nightmare. Barrett says that sounds like a threat and calls down Nexus. They stand still though before turning to leave. There goes Cena's shirt and this is awesome all over again.

Cena goes off on Barrett and destroys him. He sets up the steps next to the table and in a hilarious moment, Cena stops to hand Punk his diet soda which Punk casually throws down. He sets for the FU and bolts for the back but Cena stays in the ring to not quite end the show. We head to the back where Barrett GOES OFF on Nexus but Otunga says this is an ultimatum: either hire Cena back next week or Barrett is out. This just got awesome.

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