TNA Knockout Women's Championship
Taylor Wilde (c) vs. Angelina Love
The challenger, Angelina Love, comes out first with Velvet Sky and Kip James. Taylor Wilde comes out next to a tremendous pop.

Taylor Wilde gets on the mic and tells Angelina Love that she was born at night but not last night. She says that she's not going to stand there by herself while her buddies stand by her. Taylor Wilde introduces a buddy of her own - her new best friendů Rhino.

The two women face off in the ring. They duke it out cat fight style. Love whips Taylor into the ropes, Taylor counters with a shoulder block. Wilde connects on right hands on Love's face. Traci Brooks is shown up the ramp. Angelina Love gets tossed to the outside to re-group with Velvet. Taylor chases after her but she gets nailed with a makeup kit on the outside. Love rolls the Champion back in the ring. Angelina gets the cover and a near fall.

Angelina grabs the hair of Taylor Wilde and takes her down to the mat. Another two count. Angelina rubs the face of Wilde along the ropes. Neckbreaker from Angelina Love as she gets another two count. Taylor Wilde counters with some right hands, Love gives them back to her. Both collide in mid-air and are down. The double count out ensues.

Taylor chops the chest of Love and hits a back breaker across her knee. Two count for the Champion. Taylor goes right back after Angelina with forearms. She hits a shoulder block into the turnbuckles. Angelina is setup on the ropes but she counters and throws Wilde off in a botched front suplex.

Angelina lands an elbow and gets another two count. She argues with the referee in the ring. Love goes for her finisher but is caught in a roll-up for a two count. Love connects on a kick. Kip James hits the ring and eats Gore from Rhino. Velvet Sky grabs Taylor Wilde but Wilde gets out. Wilde hits her bridge on Angelina Love for the three count.

Winner & still TNA Knockout Women's Champion - Taylor Wilde

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